President Should Use Executive Order To Break Log Jam on Work Permits For Ukrainian Evacuees!

Discussion in 'Russia & Eastern Europe' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Jul 27, 2022.

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    America is failing to live up to its reputation as a country with great character in its treatment of Ukrainian evacuees fleeing the Russian invasion of their home country and temporarily settling in the United States. Most of these Ukrainian evacuees have not received work permits, although having applied, which would enable them to work and support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, the slow machinations of the American government bureaucracies are as deeply rooted in American culture as Apple Pie and Baseball and so if America just stands by and lets the bureaucracy for approving work permits work its will a lot to Ukrainian evacuees will suffer! So why doesn't the President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden, use what modern U.S. Presidents love to use the power of the "Executive Order" to solve this problem. All these Ukrainian evacuees have one thing in common from other work permit applicants which can be used to identify them so they can be given expedited relief, a "Ukrainian Passport" and the President can use this. President Biden should issue an executive order that says that for Ukrainian evacuees in the United States the following will suffice or take the place of a "work permit" in the Untied States: one, a visa or a document confirming the worker applicant's admission into the Uniting for Ukraine (humanitarian parole for visa) program which would demonstrate the worker applicant is legally in the U.S.; two, a copy of the automatic email that a work permit applicant gets when the applicant applies for such a permit on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website (which would establish that the applicant has applied for a work permit and is awaiting a decision); an Ukrainian Passport (establish that the worker applicant is an Ukrainian evacuee and is so eligible for this "exception" provided by the Executive Order). U.S. employers that use this exception for hiring Ukrainian evacuees can notify USCIS and be put on a list so that when the agency rules on their employee's work permit application the employer can be notified of the outcome and take appropriate action if the application was denied.

    Not only will this Executive Order program allowing Ukrainian Evacuees to work immediately lift their emotional and psychological burden brought on by them not being able to financially care for themselves and being a financial burden on their sponsors but it will also help them heal from the trauma of being a war refugee of having their world turned upside down from this Russian invasion war which caused these people to have to flee their home country. Plus, the United States quickly helping these Ukrainian evacuees put their lives together in the United States by this Executive Order program will help in the Ukrainian war effort to drive the Russian Army off of Ukrainian soil. Russian President Vladimir Putin is a very cunning person he has Russian forces bomb Ukrainian civilians at times throughout the entire country of Ukraine to break the will of the Ukrainian people to fight this war, civilians threshold for pain is lower than soldiers, Putin is banking on these Ukrainian civilians pressuring the Ukrainian government to take a peace deal with the Russians even if it means giving up Ukrainian territory just stop the bombing of us; Putin and the Russian military utilized this strategy in Syria one stark example was Russia's supporting the Syrian Army's dropping of barrel bombs on schools and hospital from which the civilian carnage was devastating and it just broke the Syrian Sunni civilian population's will to fight. The Ukrainian people cutting a peace deal with Russia where Russia receives a significant territorial benefit will just incentivize Vladimir Putin to rebuild his Army and do this again in eight years and you can bet the house that Putin will incorporate the lessons learned from this war and the next Russian Army will be five times stronger; America and people of the Free World should not want this peace deal cut and the likely ensuing consequences! This "Executive Order" helping these Ukrainian evacuees get back on their feet and the information that these evacuees are in fact doing this and are well and some of them even sending back remittances to family still in Ukraine will get back to the people of Ukraine and strengthen their will to fight it will bolster their confidence that they will get through this nightmare and life again will be good!
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