Saturn, CERN, and the cube of illusion (a conspiracy article I wrote some years ago)

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    The theories that I’ll be proposing in this article are controversial and deal with CERN, Saturn, the Cosmic Mountain, inter-dimensional portals, cancer, and COVID. Concepts like “the Saturn Sun”, “Cosmic Mountain”, and “the Saturn cube” will probably seem bewildering to most people and so I would suggest reading and watching explanatory web-pages and videos where the job is already done (referenced in this article). I have kept the writing short and to the point and its split up into sections.


    In his groundbreaking book from 1980 ‘The Saturn Myth’ (inspired by the work of Immanuel Velikovsky who had correspondence with Einstein about his ideas) researcher David Talbott analyzed myths from ancient cultures around the world and found that they all described the same phenomenon surrounding Saturn. He found that symbolism for Saturn is the same throughout ancient Mesopotamia, India, Greece, the Americas, and Egypt, and as documented by ancient cultures, explains how there was once a celestial alignment involving Saturn that occurred thousands of years ago. Based on ancient accounts throughout the world, Talbott describes a period of “great upheaval” in celestial bodies, when Saturn, Venus, and Mars descended and aligned overhead Earth in a spectacular astronomical event dubbed the “Saturn Polar Configuration”. As Talbott says in ‘The Saturn Myth’: “[The Saturn Polar Configuration is] the idea based on comparative mythology, that the Earth was once in close proximity, or even a satellite of the planet Saturn”. During this celestial upheaval, Mars descended from its position in the sky and formed a stairway to Saturn and Venus which over time became morphed into various mythological concepts, including the heaven-sustaining giant Atlas, the Tree of Life, Mount Olympus, the Boat of Ra, and the Tower of Babel, inter alia. Various cultures around the world recorded this celestial stairway. For example, the Makirtare Indians of the Amazonian rainforest tell of a time where the hero Ahishama, identified as Mars, climbed a stairway to Heaven. Talbott calls this stairway the “Cosmic Mountain”. There are various illustrations of how this alignment may have looked here.

    During this time of celestial upheaval, Saturn and the other bodies that were aligned with it went through various configurations in the sky (see the documentary series ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky’) and at one point the light from Venus behind Mars formed what appeared to be a pupil inside a triangle that Talbott associates with the All-Seeing-Eye. As Talbott explains in ‘The Saturn Myth’: “Saturn wears the band as a golden girdle, collar or crown. He dwells in it as the pupil of the All-Seeing-Eye… It’s impossible to pursue Saturn’s ancient image, without encountering the paradise of Eden, the lost Atlantis, the All-Seeing-Eye of Heaven, or the serpent-dragon of the deep”. The Saturn Polar Configuration was mostly characterized by an 8-pointed star or 8-spoked wheel and the light shining from Venus created a crescent of light under Saturn. Here are images of Saturn holding an 8-spoked wheel (as shown in ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky’). The luminous crescent of light under Saturn was morphed and anthropomorphized. The Saturn-crescent was morphed into wings, with the solar disc (Saturn) placed in the centre, such as with the Egyptian winged Kheper. Quote from ‘The Saturn Myth’: “Of the crescent in the primary images and ancient sources present these basic forms: The horns of the bull-god or the uplifted arms of the heaven-sustaining giant [such as Atlas]. The outstretched wings of the mother goddess. But these same wings, or arms, constitute the great god’s sailing vessel, which in turn is depicted as two shining horns”. As Talbott points out in ‘The Saturn Myth’, the fundamental themes of Saturn imagery include the Saturn Ship, the All-Seeing-Eye, the two sacred pillars of Heaven, the two shining horns, the uplifted arms of the heaven-sustaining giant, and stairways to Heaven like Jacob’s Ladder, which were all based on the same celestial alignment in the sky. Throughout this article I’ll be using the terms “Saturn Polar Configuration”, “Saturn Sun”, “Saturn Ship”, “Saturn Stargate” and “Cosmic Mountain to Saturn” interchangeably, as they represent essentially the same celestial phenomenon.​

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