Searching for father of her child, woman brings in 6 different men to be tested. None are the father

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    This helps show how trashy many of the people in the U.S. are.

    This woman appeared on the Maury show 3 separate times. Trying to find the biological father of her 2-year-old son, they tested a total of 6 men. None of them turned out to be the father.


    The first time, she brought 3 men to be tested. Then she returned with 2 more men to be tested. And finally she appeared once more, bringing another man.

    Some viewers of the video left comments that "She definitely has a type", referring to the fact that all 6 of the men are black, and she is white.

    The full first segment can be seen in this long video towards the very end, starting at 31:00 into the video.
    I Slept With 100 Men! Who's My Baby's Father?

    "I Slept with 100 Men... Will I Ever Find My Baby's Dad?" Episode aired April 5, 2010
    "Maury" (talk show)

    Angela, her little son Brandon, James, Brandon, Lee; David, Deondre, (last man unnamed)

    alternate link
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