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    Digital collection of the Library Congress has zero hits for "science" or "wind"

    If we are going to achieve SnS we need info

    We paid for the damn studies.. They should all be available digitally

    anyway.. sorry to rant a bit off the subject

    I may have a dyanamite wind turbine idea... any experts here??

    It really may be a good enough idea to be patented... so I really need your NDA to discuss

    If you know good ources of tech info on wind.. please share

    saw a green power talk forum.. looked dead as a door knob.

    I may be hanging out in this page a lot.. glad to have found you

    I want the ranch life with the livestock and the garden.. and grid free energy.. I willl be to old to do it soon. Saw an 78 year old Indian women who did it in AZ all her life.. Grid Free.. No Electricity..She is still there.. awesome story

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