Should this father win this lawsuit?

Discussion in 'Viral/Biological' started by DennisTate, Aug 12, 2023.

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Do you personally like the idea of this dad winning this lawsuit?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Perhaps... depending on what results come out regarding the negative side effects of the vaccine

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    In my opinion... .lawsuits are the perfect way to expose the less than total intellectual honesty regarding Covid 19 since the pandemic began.

    I was thrown under the bus by my union... and I had to drive more than a thousand miles and find a new job where taking the vaccine was not required so..... as you can guess.. .I am hoping that this dad wins his lawsuit.

    Actually.... from the very beginning BigPharma companies admitted that there would be a percentage of negative reactions to the Covid 19 vaccine... so of course those admissions would seem to be relevant.

    Father Launches Fundraiser to Sue Government, Alleging COVID Shot Led to Son's Death

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