Somalia and the totem.

Discussion in 'Africa' started by Brett Nortje, Sep 8, 2015.

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    There seems to be a desire for peace here, as they have a semi stable government, yes? of course, they need to enrich themselves not off the land, but off the people, as, all people need services, yes?

    So, how do you live off of people? everyone does it! presidents, police, it guys - they all provide a service or product to someone else. this is the key.

    To provide services to someone else, you need to have a good price or a good service. of course, there are so many people in somalia, that there are many jobs in need. this means, as soon as someone is buying something, that person it got bought from gets cash to buy something themselves.

    So, i suggest this. if there is a 'holy totem' in each 'town,' each person carries the totem to represent their turn to get time off. the rest of the people work, for nothing, ans the they hand out totems to those that 'worked.' it is like money, but it works directly off services! this is an excuse to get people to work, assuring them that they will be worked for too.
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    Are we going into Somalia next?
    US General Seeks Flexible Rules of Engagement for Somalia
    24 Mar 2017 | AfriCom commander Gen. Thomas Waldhauser is pressing for relaxed rules of engagement in Somalia.

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