South Korean President Says Country Could Develop Nuclear Weapons

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    “Yoon’s remarks signal a paradigm shift in dealing with North Korea’s nuclear threat,” Mr. Cheon said.

    Indeed, the first public mention by a South Korean re building up their own nuclear force in decades.And, he apparently has a majority of S. Koreans supporting him.

    This is what happens when you let dumbass isolationists and left wing America haters handle U.S. military matters and foreign policy; everybody wants their own now because the U.S. can no longer be trusted to honor treaties any more, and the threat of nuclear war and proliferation increases, the exact opposite effect the doper diaper babies claim will happen.
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    In my opinion...when somebody as incompetent as Biden is in the White House....... other nations realize that the USA cannot be depended on to do anything ethical to even defend Americans abroad... let alone people in another nation... ........this was certainly proven to be true by how Biden handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan. A terribly weak leader like Biden forces other nations to take actions that they might not have done if American had stronger leadership.

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