ST: "America's economic preponderance is gone forever" .

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    ST: "America's economic
    preponderance is gone forever" .

    Biden faces uphill task rallying allies to US flag against China
    Are Biden and team making the same mistake in underestimating their rival?
    Big questions remain about whether President Joe Biden's administration's plans have any chance to succeed against a rival as formidable as China, says the writer. PHOTO: NYTIMES

    Hugh White
    PUBLISHED: FEB 20, 2021, 5:00 AM SGT
    When Mr Barack Obama handed Mr Donald Trump the keys to the White House in January 2017, he warned his successor that his biggest foreign policy challenge would be North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes.

    Now, four years later, North Korea has more nuclear weapons and missiles than ever, but no one thinks it will be the new president's biggest international problem.

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    Hey, no one's arguing with you on this. The US is at the equivalent position as the UK right before the Suez Canal incident. We have all the trappings of a great power, but we're a hollow one that's just waiting for that one foreign policy moment to prove it to the world. Biden may be just the President to begin the process of humiliation and obsolescence
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