Subsaharan Africa: 55 billioners and humanity's future.

Discussion in 'Africa' started by spt5, Oct 20, 2013.

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    We western guys are usually loaded with our demands on Africans to build democratic societies. There is even a special Nobel price for African leaders who ever left office voluntarily. It gives $5M + a $200kpa pension for life. But only 3 of them took it, ever.

    What is interesting is that we westerners live in such a thick bubble, that we can't imagine why democracy is not always good.

    African leaders also prefer doing business with China rather than us, because the Chinese have no strings attached, only profit margin.

    Is it good or bad for Africans to adapt western style state services, in the name of healthcare and poverty reduction, the very same stately services, that made all western people a slave to western national governments?

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