Sued for large amount of money because he committed adultery with another man's wife

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    Those on the Progressive Left have been misusing the civil court system to make perpetrators have to pay large amounts of money for alleged "wrongs", even though the court system was never clearly designed to do that. It's basically been a backdoor way of enforcing new progressive policies without actually having to pass new laws.

    Well, now it looks like conservatives are figuring out ways to fight back with the same tactic.

    I notice that many on the Progressive Left seem to have a hard time understanding or caring about principles, all they care about is the end outcome. If they don't like something, they don't care what sort of tactics are used, or what the legal reasoning is, so long as it results in the desired outcome in that specific case.
    What they don't realize is the absurd and highly questionable types of lawsuits that the Left has normalized can also end up being used to push policies they don't like.

    I know many progressives will never admit how ridiculous the weaponization of lawsuits has become unless it is used to push an agenda in opposition to their own.

    Man sues other man for money in court for having affair with his wife

    link to YouTube video
    Jilted husband sues wife's lover for millions 23 ABC News | KERO

    transcript from video

    Jilted husband is getting a multi-million dollar payday, from a man he says ruined his marriage. Keith King sued his wife's lover, after a dramatic confrontation, and won.
    ABC's Diane Macedo has that story.
    [video shows the wife's lover using physical force to hold the husband away from the door, away from his wife who is standing inside]
    husband: 'Why are you taking my wife?!'
    wife: 'Guys, come... take...'
    husband: 'Why are you taking my wife from me?!'
    It's a final plea from a desperate husband.
    husband: 'Steenie, you're picking him over me?'
    This video shows BMX Stunt Show owner Keith King fighting for his wife, Danielle. The man holding him in the doorway, is Francisco Huizar, his wife's lover.
    [video shows husband trying to talk to his wife, Huizar holding him back]
    Huizar: 'Stop trying to enter!'
    You can hear Danielle in the background as she films the whole ordeal.
    wife: 'I don't want this. I don't want it to be like this.' (she says whimpering, discontent with the situation)
    husband: 'Steenie, why did you lie to me?!'
    Now in an unusual court case, the judge is ordering Huizar to pay more than eight and a half million dollars for the affair.
    husband: 'Francisco, she's my wife, man.'
    husband (now in separate interview) : 'I felt like we were the perfect pair, we were a team.'
    Kind said he found out about the betrayal in 2015, after seeing phone records to a number he didn't recognize. He decided to confront Huizar directly.
    'So when he answered, I simply said 'She is a married woman, do not contact her ever again.'
    Instead Huizar rented a motel room less than a mile from King's home, and the affair continued.
    That's when King filed a civil complaint against Huizar, citing an obscure law: Alienation of affection. The law requires that (1) you and your spouse had a happy marriage, (2) the love and affection between you and your spouse was destroyed, and that (3) the defendant and their wrongful or malicious actions were the reason the marriage was destroyed.
    King gathered text messages, Facebook posts, phone records, and hotel receipts, aiming to prove Huizar's actions drove a wedge between him and his wife.
    legal expert: 'The difficulty is proving that first element, that the plaintiff and his (his or her) spouse actually did have a happy marriage, when this affair happened.'
    The Alienation of affection law exists in six states, including North Carolina, where King made his claim. (map also shows Mississippi, Hawaii, Utah, New Mexico, South Dakota)
    husband: 'What I've endured, I'd compare it to a nuclear bomb going on around my surroundings.'​

    from another article:

    "I called him from her phone and I said, 'She's a married woman, leave her alone. Don't you ever contact her again,'" King told Inside Edition.

    He says the affair continued for months in secret. Then last year, she moved out of their home. Soon after, he went to her new apartment and was shocked to find the lover there.

    "She's my wife man -- she's my wife!" King says in footage of the confrontation.
    "I felt like I just witnessed her die," he said of confronting her lover.

    Danielle claims King was a control freak who made her dye her hair blonde and work without pay, but he calls her claims "100 percent false."

    King says he considers the $8.8 million dollar award to be a hollow victory because he'd give anything to have his old life back. "There isn't a dollar amount that you can put on it for what I think my family's worth," he said.​

    Jilted Husband Sues Wife's Lover for Nearly $9 Million - and Wins - in 'Alienation of Affection' Case, Inside Edition, July 30, 2018

    Here's another story:

    Greensville, North Carolina -
    A man just won a big payout against the man he says wooed his wife and broke up their marriage.
    Under the "Alienation of Affection" law, Kevin Howard was able to sue the man his wife had an affair with.

    "He came to my house and ate dinner with my children, and I and her. We shared stories we talked about personal lives," Howard said.

    Although he says it did not heal his heart, Howard walked away with $750,000.

    "I filed this case because I believe it's very important that people understand that sanctity of marriage is important. Especially in this day and age when people question everyone's morals, people questions everyone's liability of a person and the state-backed me up on it," Howard told WITN.

    The Alienation of Affection law is from the 1800s, following an English law that dates back to 1745.
    The law exists in five other states.​

    Man wins $750K lawsuit against wife's lover, ABC 7 News October 3, 2019
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