Thank Gosh Celebrities Fly In Private Jets

Discussion in 'Humor & Satire' started by Junkieturtle, Aug 29, 2022.

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    I wonder if some folks who oppose environmental activism know how truly lucky they are to live in a world where rich people fly on private jets.

    It's expected that many rich folks will fly on private jets. It's a perk of having the money or the job to do it. But where the lucky part comes in is when someone who has spoken out about preserving and improving the environment also flies on a private jet.

    You see, then, it negates their environmental activism. It disqualifies it. It's like running the bases with a cell phone in your back pocket or drawing on an official weather map with a sharpie. Nobody can take you seriously after you do those things.

    And the real perk is, after the celebrity that says to help the environment but also flies on a private jet is outed for using said private jet, you don't have to do anything about the Earth or the climate. The problems poof away! That issue has been nullified! Dodged a big one there

    It's almost funny. Each side has an issue they can just poof right out of existence for themselves.

    The left doesn't like to talk about deficits and debt. Republicans love to use it against them when it suits them electorally.

    But then the right doesn't talk about climate and environment. They think we'll just keep going along just fine, might be a little more rainy at times, no bother, just like the lefties and their debt blindness.

    And the punchline is....Both are ticking time bombs. But one side can only see a specific one! They're bomb blind. Well, half-bomb blind.

    But it doesn't matter! Celebrities fly in private jets so you don't got to worry about any of it.
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