The atomic bombs dropped in WW2 were unecessary.

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    Do not attack USA unless your willing to pay the price. To those who choose war you must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.
    If if Japan did not wish to invite the might of America down upon them then a very, very and simple alternative was available many years and many millions of lives beforehand. That alternative you ask? Never,ever attack America or its lands. Once the Emperor made that decision about a day that killed thousands of Americans on American soil he involved his country on a path that was all or nothing. They didn’t bring their A game or greatly miscalculated. Sadly, they miscalculated. You see when you go to war, you better prepare to use every single thing you have in your arsenal to win at all costs. America did.
    Also, by dropping the nukes as we did we save countless Japanese lives as a long drawn out insertion by ground forces would have had innocents taking up arms against battle hardened and well equipped US troops.
    Countless thousands of citizens would die from engaging US troops.
    Control of all ports would stop food.....hunger deaths by the thousands plus
    Control of all ports would stop medical supply’s, oils, fuels, sanitation, clean water thus killing many more thousands civilians.

    So really a miscalculation on the part of the Japanese caused us to pull out the stops. We saw how fanatical
    They were in the island hopping campaigns. Committing mass suicide rather then surrender.
    In my mind if they killed one of our boys to 1,000 of their civilians then that price was to high for us and we pulled out the stops with the A bombs, thus saving countless hundreds, millions of Japanese lives. They should thank us for showing them mercy.

    Besides, the then potus was a racist as are most all of that party and he surely would have ordered or insisted a large scale ummmmm “cleaning”.
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    Even after the first bomb, Japan still did not surrender.
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