The compromise gambit is not working

Discussion in 'Media & Commentators' started by Flanders, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Talking heads are playing games with the word “compromise.” They are saying that Hussein went into campaign mode because he gave up on trying to compromise with Republicans. Right off the bat the terminology puts Republicans in the wrong.

    The truth is: Thanks to Tea Partiers —— Hussein’s actions and campaign rhetoric is an admission that Republicans are not falling for the compromise gambit this time around. Going into campaign mode this far out gives Hussein & Company the best chance of blaming Republicans for everything because they, Republicans, will not compromise on a whole host of important issues Democrats refuse to compromise on.

    The way compromise is being defined by the media is pure misdirection; even an outright lie. I think it is deliberate when liberals do it, and a big mistake when respected conservative talking heads fail to challenge the Left’s definition.

    Anyway, try this thread for an in-depth look at the history of Democrats and compromise:

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