The first widely used U.S. political campaign tokens

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    The election of U.S. Presidents has also had the Electoral College involved, but the way those electors were selected changed considerably since the early days. In 1800 about 25% of the elections were chosen by White male property owners. The other 75% were chosen by other means, usually the state legislatures. By 1824, that system had flipped. About 75% of the electors were picked by the voters and 25% were legislature selections.

    Andrew Jackson was the first presidential candidate to note this. He opened up his campaign to the voters and issued the first widely used campaign tokens. These pieces reflected Jackson's status as a military hero who had defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans in January 1815 and subsequent victories over Native Americans. His tokens featured him in military dress and had one of two slogans, "The hero of New Orleans" or "The nation's good."

    AJACK 1824 -2  All.jpg AJACK 1824-4 All.jpg

    Jackson won the most electoral votes in 1824, but he did not win a majority. That threw the election into the House of Representatives where John Quincy Adams was elected President with the help of House Speaker, Henry Clay.

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