The Free World Can See Grain Deal Reinstated It Just Needs To Stop W/ Its Moral Superiority!

Discussion in 'Russia & Eastern Europe' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Jul 21, 2023.

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    Putin the leader of Russia dropped out of the Ukrainian/Russian grain deal. This is a disaster and Putin's to blame but leaders of the free world are not acting fully responsible and prudent over the matter. Yes Putin is as bad a person one can be without being the devil himself, but that does not give leaders of the free world to act all morally superior and high and mighty on principles. The leaders of the Free World need to stop being fanatics about denying Putin revenue streams. It has been reported in the media that the reason why Putin withdrew from the deal is that he wants Russian banks that handle Russian agricultural sales to be put back on the SWIFT system, the international system that allows a bank to transfer and receive monies and Putin wants Russia to be able to sell fertilizer in the export markets. Leaders of the Free World should make some sort of accommodation to Putin on his first demand and explain to him on the second that his position it is extremely unfair and unreasonable and so cannot be agreed to!

    The world desperately needs Ukraine and Russia's grains in the international market if not significant starvation will ensue. When the Ukraine/Russian deal was operating Ukraine was making good money selling its grains. So everyone we should let Putin make good money selling Russian grains. Agree to let one Russian Bank that handles grain sales go back on the Swift system make arrangement to monitor this bank's transactions to insure no significant number of business transactions are taking place in violations of the international sanctions, if so a regiment of suspensions on the SWIFT system will take place to gain the Russian Bank's compliance with international sanctions. On Putin's second demand let Putin know that he isn't letting Ukraine sell fertilizer or other non-grain commodities so Russia cannot be permitted to do so it is basic fairness. Leaders of the Free World need to start acting like they know that this issue is about stopping widespread and alarming hunger and starvation throughout the world for poorer countries!

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