The government might become less lovable to those who love it.

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Pandemic Discussions' started by Ray9, Apr 2, 2020.

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    Based on the severity of the pandemic some drastic government steps might need to be taken. All tobacco, alcohol and vaping products could be removed from store shelves and stockpiled at FEMA distribution centers. This would create a toll or turnstile chute through which the most biologically dangerous citizens are required to pass where Covid-19 testing is required.

    No legislation is necessary for this needed step. Under the National Emergencies Act of 1976, the president has the power to enact measures protecting innocent citizens from threats to their health and wellbeing. This might be regarded as a good thing because it provides an end run around tobacco, alcohol and vaping lobbies that could exert undue influence on the decision-making process.

    As the plague propagates and multiplies the government may decide it is absolutely essential to identify the super-spreaders, the people who attack their own lungs and livers making them targets of the virus like fish in a barrel. In an emergency situation constitutional issues can be suspended, and this is not prohibition. It could, however, be seen as necessary profiling to identify risky individuals likely to thumb their noses at prudent health practices placing the rest of the population at risk.

    If our science is able to curb the rise of the deadly pathogen then of course, this step will not be needed. But if it continues to expand into the population and begins to mutate into something worse, the smokers, the jokers and the midnight tokers should be prepared to be herded through gates like cattle.

    This is a violation of no one’s rights because choice is involved and the habitually vulnerable can always choose to cease what places them at risk which they may have been considering anyway. Now they have valid reason to find the strength to kick deadly habits.

    By the way, vaping is no answer to dropping tobacco. It is a fraud operated by the pharmaceutical industry to addict more people to sucking unnatural substances into their lungs. The vaping industry has its own lobby and it will probably kill as many people as tobacco eventually by peddling addicts a pig in a poke that is more dangerous than the habit they are trying to escape.

    Depending on the trajectory of the virus, this could happen. If I can think of it some government lackey can and the government so many love won’t seem so lovable anymore. Carry on.
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    You are correct, this virus will transform our societies into authoritarian banana republics.


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