The natural herd immunity believers/anti-vaxers are now saying Covid could end up like the Flu

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    Many ''could could could end up'' articles have been written, such as;

    HOWEVER, a sharp contrast to what THEY've initially believed, and in reference to vaccination, I don't like their ''why should I'' negative attitude......THEY remind me of someone's negative attitude towards cleaning, ''Why should I clean______when we both know it's going to get dirty again''


    NOW, if we were to assume COVID will eventually become like the Flu, there are many questions, such as;

    1. Seasonal, or all seasons?
    2. Case Hospitalization Rate/will it overwhelm our hospitals?

    AND in reference to number 2, here's an eye opener;

    Florida Standard Covid VERSUS Delta Variant

    Standard Covid; 147,000 Cases INCREASED Current Hospitalizations from 5,942 to 8,079, thus, by 36%

    Delta Variant; 119,000 Cases INCREASED Current Hospitalizations from 7,018 to 13,563, thus, by 93%

    Thus, compared to Standard Covid, the Delta variant is a hospital overwhelmer;

    Florida's Standard Covid Case Hospitalization Rate; 3.6%
    Florida's Delta Variant Case Hospitalization Rate; 12.3%
    Florida's Delta Variant Case Fatality Rate; 0.75%


    Seasonal Flu...........Last 10 year's worst season, 2017-2018

    Estimated number of infections; 45 million, 14% of population
    Estimated number of hospitalizations; 810,000, Case Hospitalization Rate; 1.8%
    Estimated number of deaths; 61,000, Case Fatality Rate; 0.13%


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