To Fix America, Unite Liberals and Conservatives with Nationalism

Discussion in 'Political Science' started by SavageNation, Aug 27, 2016.

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    I believe I have the solution to fix most of America's problems including:
    • ending unconstitutional government
    • ending income inequality
    • reducing the power and size of government
    • eliminating business influence over government and returning power over government back to the people
    • ending unconstitutional wars
    I spent considerable time on this forum a year and a half ago and I noticed that there were many people like me that were not happy with either political party. I have concluded that the reason for this, is that neither political party is doing what is best for Americans and less obvious is the fact that because of it, we are a divided nation.

    Following politics for 30 years, being liberal and conservative in the past and now a nationalist, I believe has allowed me to develop solutions for America's problems. I have spent several months developing, writing and posting it online (on my attempt at a website) because it is way too long and involved to initially present using forum posts and because I want engaged Americans to get behind the policies.

    I would like this thread to discuss and debate the Nationalist Contract with America found at this link:

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