To Sergei Efron-Durnovo

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    Like seaweed, like branches of willows
    Of Malmazonia are your limbs,
    Thus you did lie in sprays of sea foam
    And absent-mindedly transfixed

    Upon the sweet light-golden melons
    Of diamond and aquamarine
    The eyes forever semi-open
    So blue-and-grayish, bluish-green.

    The waves are just like rabid lions,
    The arrows of the sun did fly.
    And from intolerable blueness
    Too whitish, you did there lie.

    Behind the back, the desert, somewhere
    The station Djankoi had to be,
    And underneath your arm stretched out
    Melon grew golden quietly.

    Thus, calm and precious, you lie there,
    Don't give a glance and do not see,
    But look - and waves will heave with power,
    And mountains will be moved to sea.

    And new moons will shine bright in heaven,
    And joyful lions will lie down
    Under the single downward leaning
    Of your head beautiful and young.

    By Marina Tsvetayeva
    Translated from Russian by Ilya Shambat

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