U.K. old living in poverty, suffering from price increases and inflation

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    Many elderly people in the UK are struggling to live. Inflation has cut into their savings.

    2.1 million UK Pensioners are living in poverty
    A third of over 60s say the cost of living crisis has impacted on their mental health

    Britain's Forgotten Pensioners | Dispatches | Channel 4 Documentaries
    by Channel 4 Documentaries

    There are some shocking things in that documentary that will really hit you emotionally.
    They interview one elderly couple who cannot afford to turn the heat on and are cold in their apartment much of the time. She says she does not bake much any more because it is too expensive. The electricity price is horrendous, she says.

    One part of it is due to "Green" environmental policies making electric power more expensive. And government policies trying to prevent new buildings from being fitted to be able to use natural gas, causing more people to become reliant on electricity for their heating needs.

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