Ukrainian Slog For Kherson Although Wise Will Cost A Lot Of Ukrainian Lives!

Discussion in 'Russia & Eastern Europe' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Sep 5, 2022.

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    To the Ukraine government's great credit it has begun a counter-offensive in the south to retake Kherson which the Russian's conquered early in the war. The situation for Ukraine is that it does not have the military strength of a superpower like the United States that could speedily wipe out the Russian troops occupying Kherson so the Ukrainian military is left with slow advances which will degrade the Russians to the point it makes no sense for the Russian Army to remain in the region and so they will withdrawal largely the same strategy the Ukrainian military used to win the battle of Kyiv. This course already has brought some success for the Ukraine military they have retaken Ukraine villages in the Kherson region. Though this is the situation this strategy is very costly for the Ukrainian military in terms of loss of Ukranian soldiers lives and Ukrainian soldiers wounded because slow movement allows the Russians to deploy a lot of artillery on advancing Ukrainian troops. This is a "hair brain" idea but maybe it would help the Ukrainian military in their counter offensive; every artillery gun, howitzer that fires 155 mm shells, that Ukrainian command can bring to the battle increases the chance of Ukrainian soldiers conducting the offensive will survive and not be wounded! So why doesn't the Ukrainian government build a large decoy system of these M777 howitzers, make the replicas out of wood if not possible to make them out of steel and flood the front line area with these decoys, Ukraine has plenty of people what is the population forty million people to carry out these confusion operations; the theory being if the front line area was flooded with these decoys maybe Ukrainian command could then deploy another nine or twelve howitzers to protect advancing Ukrainian forces it would not otherwise deploy for fear the Russian military would spot them and destroy them. Of course this would at best only offer minimal help to the Ukrainian military who really need American F15 and F16 combat planes to suppress the Russian artillery firing on the advancing Ukrainian troops which military experts say the U.S. has mothballed fleets of it could release to the Ukrainians but the Ukrainians would need a group of American politicians to champion this cause and chances of that happening are almost nonexistent because the whole American political establishment is focused on the upcoming November elections where the stakes are huge if the Democrats lose the House and Senate in the mid-terms which is possible the Biden Presidency will largely be finished and the Biden/Democrat agenda firmly stopped in its tracks!

    I am surprised that the United States and her allies are not retaliating against Russia for Russian President Vladimir Putin's action this past week indefinitely turning off the last twenty percent supply of natural gas that Russia was still sending through the Nord Stream I pipeline the last remaining Russia pipeline to Europe that was still operating. Putin here is using natural gas as a weapon against Europe and this move will have significant permanent negative effects on Europe and the United Kingdom. At minimum this will result in some manufacturing businesses in this region that are natural gas dependent to be permanently shuttered, this will result in significant long lasting economic harm to Europe and the UK! How quickly leadership in the United States and Europe forget about the stakes for the world in Ukraine! Putin is a tyrant that wants to conquer and control neighboring countries to Russia; what is on the table here with the Ukraine War is that if Ukraine wins the world will have permanently locked the monster Putin up he will be permanently caged in Russia so the Putin threat to Europe, United States and Nato will be largely completely over - the world should not and do everything humanly possible to not let this incredibly good opportunity to slip by! As a penalty for Putin's actions here using natural gas as a weapon and destroying part of Europe's and the UK' economy these countries and especially the United States should give the government of Ukraine the permission to use the weapons it has provided to Ukraine to fire inside Russia within fifty miles of the Russian Border as long as they are firing on a "military" target that the Russian military is reasonably believed to have used or to be using or will likely use in its invasion war against Ukraine. This "stopping of tying Ukraine's arm behind their back militarily" will help Ukraine militarily but most of all will reduce the destruction of Ukraine and the loss of Ukrainian life at the hands of Russian artillery and weapon systems being fired and launched from inside Russia!

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    War costs lives. It would be nice if Ukrainians did not lose and lives, either military or civilian, but reality is tough.
    The US and it’s allies are afraid that the Russian monster e.g. Putin may use nuclear weapons, chemical/ biological if pressed. The US and most allies have supported Ukraine very well but should they do more to help Russia destroy itself? Yes, of course they should.
    I blame Trump for the Putin war against Ukraine since Trump tried to destroy NATO and Putin assumed that with Putin’s help Trump was going to win the 2020 election and that Trump would gift Ukraine to Putin.

    Recall please that Trump tried to stop military aid to Ukraine until COL.Vindman exposed Trump’s treachery.

    I am a registered republican but I have to admit that it was the Biden administration with republican Congressional support that provided military aid to Ukraine. Biden also saved NATO from destruction. You mentioned fighter jets in your article but Biden is too chicken @#&&£_]>~£¥t to let European allies transfer jet to Ukraine. He says it would expand the war which nonsense Putin already expanded the war. Obama would have given Ukraine away even faster than Trump. Example - Obama did nothing when the Russians invaded the Krym. True that the Ukrainian military at the time of the Krym invasion was badly destroyed by the pro Russian turd Yanukovych.

    You mention that the Ukrainians are restricted from using US weapons to fire into Russia. Again fear by Biden to “expand” the war that is already expanded by the Moskva monster Putin.

    There are so many points in your thread post that I could write a book.


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