United Methodist Church Mission In And Near Ukraine

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    Christian groups of all denominations are active in Ukraine relieve efforts. This is my church in relief ministry, the United Methodist Church.

    https://www.giveumcmission.org/abundantlove/?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Spire2_06042022 (1)&utm_content=


    "Even though Calhoun is now serving in Vienna in one of only nine United Methodist Churches in Austria, he has been very active in supporting believers in Ukraine. The United Methodist Church in Austria has raised sums for refugee relief in Eastern Europe and has sent Euros to UMC churches in Poland and Hungary. And in Ukraine, Methodist pastors and lay members are operating shelters and food distribution centers for other Ukrainians displaced by the fighting in the east and south of the country. “The way the UMC around the world has supported and continues to support not only the UMC in Ukraine, but also Ukrainians at large, is a huge encouragement to our Methodist brothers and sisters serving others in the country,” Rev. Calhoun says. “And the more that we show our support, and not only send funds, but also raise up the truth of what is happening . . . [that] gives a lot of encouragement.”

    "According to Rev. Calhoun, in the multi-ethnic congregation in Vienna “there is an international understanding of the context of community.” This understanding accords with Wesleyan teachings, and it characterizes what Ukrainians are seeing from Methodists now as well.

    “One thing that distinguishes the UMC in Ukraine is its emphasis on Wesleyanism—that the church is open to all, and that community service and meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others is at the heart of our movement,” he says. “What I hope will emerge from all of this is a greater relevance of the UMC in the communities where it now serves,” he says. Today in Ukraine there are refugee centers, kitchens, and shelters, all operated by UMC churches. “United Methodist pastors and lay members are serving Ukrainians who have perhaps never heard of John Wesley or Methodism,” says Rev. Calhoun. “But they will know that this is what the United Methodist Church stands for. And that’s a powerful statement.”

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    during the pandemic, Democrat politicians deem churches a necessity to stay open, but did for strip clubs, pot stores, and alcohol stores.

    also, I wonder how much money, that piece of crap president from Ukraine will ask for, or donate to Churches?

    probably none, or very little. He keeps demanding our money. Of course, people like pelosi, and mitch mcconell support sending him so much money, so it's probably a corrupt funneling or scheme of some sort.

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