Vellum Arms Introduces LOP – Light Origami Pistol

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    In a stunning move today, Vellum Arms introduced the LOP, or Light Origami Pistol.

    According to Ben Cartwright, Vellum’s Chief Executive Officer,a “We saw the success Ruger had with the LCP subcompact pistol, so we wanted to take things to the next level. Our customers have been clear that smaller and lighter is the way to go — and nothing is lighter than origami.”

    According to Vellum engineers, the LOP is fabricated from advanced polyfiber composites originally developed for the greeting card industry. While company sources won’t comment, it’s believed that Vellum has entered a technology licensing pact with industry giant Hallmark Cards. Unnamed officials are already hinting at new slogans including, “Send it with love, and an LOP.”

    While caliber and ammunition details remain unclear, size and weight specifications are stunning. The pistol weighs in at just .003 ounces. Given its 3mm thickness, the LOP is expected to usher in a new era of concealed carry flexibility.

    “There are always design tradeoffs we have to make,” continued Cartwright. “To meet our size and weight design goals we had to make some sacrifices in durability. For example, we’re recommending that customers in hot and humid climates like Florida refrain from carrying in summer months as excessive humidity and perspiration could weaken the structural integrity of the pistol.”

    Asked what’s next for the newly invigorated company, Cartwright replied, “We can’t comment on specifics, but you might see an expansion of the origami design concepts to include things like integrated bayonets and candle illumination units. We’re pretty excited about the possibilities of paper as a fabrication material.”


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