We can't trust politician, here's why

Discussion in 'Political Science' started by VotreAltesse, Apr 10, 2018.

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    I don't think we can't trust our politician. I don't reject democracy, but I reject the fact to be confident in any politician, whatever his political side;

    Democracy is a system where political leaders are selected along their ability to be elected.

    So when a politician is elected, it is because he was the best at being elected and not the best manager.

    That doesn't mean he was the best manager among the people who presented to the election, that mean that what determined the election was mostly his ability to be elected, not his ability to manage a country or a territory.

    The ability to be elected is determined by three things : the ability to have powerfull allies, the ability to seduce, the will of power.

    The ability of having powerfull allies can be acquired by being extremly benevolent and nice, that's the hardest way to have allies : being recognized by a lot of people as someone good and benevolent. There is another way to get that, much more easier. Exchanging services, "if you help me to be elected, I will give you back favors".
    So the more someone owe to powerfull people, the more he is likely to be elected. Corruption, favors, is one of the best way to elect.

    The ability to seduce. People who are the best at seducing are often narcissic. Someone narcissic is obsessed by himself and need the approval of people to feel good. Narcissic people are often very selfish because they seek first a form of pleasure.
    Psychopathic and sociopathic people are often very good to seduce other people.
    So the less someone is empathic, the more he is likely to be elected.

    The will of power. Some people need to dominate other people, to give orders. To feel powerfull. Again, that's a selfish desire.

    On those three points, we see that it isn't very appreciable people who are the most likely to be elected, quite the opposite.
    It doesn't change that democracy is the lesser evil.

    However, that's why I think we can't never really trust a politician, no matter his side, no matter how nice he seems. Power attract poisonous personnalities. The relationship between the governed and the governing can only be based on mistrust.
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