Well that's just great -Ebola rage zombies

Discussion in 'Viral/Biological' started by fifthofnovember, Oct 7, 2014.

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    Some of you may have seen the Ebola zombie hoax circulating through social media. In it, an Ebola victim in Liberia came back to life. This no doubt had its origin in the ABC report below:


    Many of you probably also remember the face-eating dude from Miami a couple years back. What you might not know is that, despite the event being widely blamed on "bath salts" by the media -

    So then WTF?!

    Well, there's a conspiracy theory that goes like this: the people are being conditioned to expect a zombie apocalypse, because the global elite are going to make one. The CDC, on its website, actually has a section on "zombie preparedness". Of course they play it off as a sort of "catch all" emergency plan, and most people see it as just some kind of joke (oh those wacky government agencies and their outrageous antics). But here is where things get scary (actually they kind of got scary already when we found out that the Miami face-eater is still unexplained): there is a "vaccine" being developed for Ebola which utilizes:


    What? So let's say that Ebola spreads throughout the U.S (not so farfetched now). So the government mandates that everybody has to be vaccinated with a genetically engineered live rabies virus (Rage virus anyone?) Come to think of it, I wonder if that dude from Miami was ever checked for rabies...

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    Unfortunately, most people are DUMB SHEEP. Even those who consider themselves to be intellectually superior are so smart that they can't figure out something that's so blatantly obvious. The fictitious "Ebola Outbreak" is a conspiracy against mankind to depopulate the world and bring in a "New World Order" where the elites have absolute control over the masses. Everyone who isn't a part of this conspiracy is going to be reduced to the status of a "subhuman" considering they survive the depopulation of the world. It can be stopped but the people are too clueless to fight back. They're not going to realize the TRUTH until they're completely helpless.

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