What if there were a more benevolent reason to alter our DNA secretly?

Discussion in 'Viral/Biological' started by wgabrie, Aug 18, 2022.

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    You may have heard that COVID-19 vaccines were messing around with your DNA, perhaps out of some vicious plan to control the population. But what if there were a more benevolent reason to alter our DNA secretly?

    On the other hand, perhaps, if that were the case, it was done to code modern technologies into your DNA as an insurance policy against another civilization collapse. That is, as long as some human genetic line makes it, the blueprints for our modern technology are encoded in your DNA, and it acts like an insurance policy against failure.

    All that needs to take place is for our descendants to learn the biology necessary to extract those codes, and, although it's not certain, it shows that even if they're not the good guys, they certainly took some time off from the fighting to learn some science.

    And, if this plan wasn't the case, then they missed out on a perfectly good opportunity that comes along but once in a lifetime.
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    A benevolent reason for showing DNA would be to eliminate cancer but I can't imagine it being secret.

    I doubt the multi billionaires pushing these drugs give a crap about encoding tech on DNA is about another couple billion. The only reason they aren't as hated as maybe shkreli is because they got their money from government.
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    History demonstrates that there's no reason to believe the so-called "power elites" have any interest in the health & welfare of the people or the planet and its life forms.

    Some examples:

    * Electromagnetic fields (from electric & wireless radiation)
    * Fluoridated water (plus a laundry list of other toxins)
    * Toxic food additives
    * Promotion of junk food
    * Vaccination campaigns
    * Promotion of medical drugs & suppression/discrediting of natural/safe/non-toxic effective treatments & therapies
    * Unnecessary surgeries & toxic therapies
    * Corporate welfare (tax breaks, subsidies, bail-outs, free "loans", wasteful grants, etc.)
    * Charging for education & healthcare (ie, taxpayer money instead channeled to benefit the rich)
    * Fake pandemics
    * Allowing/protecting corporate white collar crime
    * Allowing/protecting industrial contamination/destruction of natural resources
    * Allowing genetically modified foods to contaminate other crops/farms
    * Toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
    * UFO/alien cover-up
    * 9/11 and other inside-job/false flag operations
    * Drug trafficking
    * Sex & slave trafficking
    * Weapons trafficking
    * Clandestine medical & chemical experimentation on the public
    * Systemic racism & zenophobia
    * Imperialist policies, foreign wars, foreign (and domestic) assassinations, and funding of foreign revolutions/regime change
    * Negligence of injured/sick war veterans (soldiers treated as cannon fodder)
    * Genocide, abuse, removal & relocation of native populations
    * Perpetual deception, lying and propaganda
    * Crummy, excessive, propaganda-saturated state educational system
    * State promotion of capitalist-consumerist economy while shrinking social programs
    * Fixation on profit, competition, control and domination over logic, reason and wisdom

    The list goes on....

    Ultimately it's our (the people's) fault. We keep allowing rich people to rule the world. We get what we ask for: a death culture.
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