Where Is the Government in Pakistan?

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    It is the view of Aali Shafi that the problems facing Pakistan while seemingly complex and enormous are actually simpler then they seem. What we have been looking at are the symptoms, what we need to focus on are the root causes and work on them so as to bring in the change required to set the correction momentum rolling. This by no means is a quick and easy solution, but the only one to correct the disarray we find ourselves in.

    The issue here is intent. The way the government is currently structured will only benefit the few in the name of the masses. A continuation of the British Raj. However if the intent is to deliver effectively, a lot can be done quickly and without much capital, in fact saving will follow. The government needs to be small, more like a holding company rather than a sprawling, organization consuming most of the budget to salaries, inefficiencies, unnecessary expenses and corruption. In the way democracies work in our part of the world, a large government and unrelated business are deliberately kept to become dumping places for political favorites. Politician and bureaucracy need to be separate and have an effective check and balance, policies coming from the people and implementation from the latter.

    The members of the lower house are legislators and should be involved with legislations. In actuality they are and act as councilors and do not let local bodies get implemented. This is perhaps the greatest disservice done to the country. In the absence of local governments civic issues have taken phenomenal proportions. These are problems that concern the masses and their resolution should be of the highest priority. With the good governance and proper strategic approach to address these basic civic issues, there is a high probability that the system of the country which is on the verge of collapse may start breathing again and the problems will become manageable in the foreseeable future.

    Other than direct involvement in defense and economics governments should only have strategic interests in all other areas by which it can regulate against the excessiveness of capitalism. This will ensure that the work is done yet without having the massive bureaucratic structures. Governments should have no business in running business because they can never reach the entrepreneurial skills or the acumen of the private investors, which result in private organizations being efficient and effectively delivering.

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