Why does the US want conflict with China, and other countries?

Discussion in 'Political Science' started by yangforward, Aug 4, 2023.

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    The US wants to rule every part of the world, odd bits not
    controlled by the US like Cuba are 'a thorn in our side'.

    Since WW2 Europe, originally just Western Europe but now
    also some of Eastern Europe, have been happy to play along
    with the US because it didn't affect them much.

    And the same applies to Africa, which votes entirely in favor of
    the US, or recently all but one in favor of the US, rather than
    face the inevitable sanctions.

    I don't see why the US didn't celebrate with China as their
    standard of living improved, it is now at a quarter of the GDP
    per person the US has.

    But the geo-politicians in the US pointed out we might have
    trouble with China if it came to a fight, so we started sailing
    our frigates close to the Chinese coast to ensure they felt
    threatened and started building up their military.
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