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Sep 8, 2013
Oct 13, 2010
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Sep 8, 2013
    1. Mayerling
      Abu, hope you are alright. haven't seen you online for awhile
    2. RevAnarchist
      Merry Christmas er happy holidays Abu, God bless you, and your family and those you hold near~

      Rev Anarchist aka Rev Greg
    3. klipkap
      Many thanks for the "This land is mine" video. I found it to be very telling.

      I am just back from a week in Istanbul. WOW!! In November we go to Egypt (Marsa Alam). I will continue to ask questions :-)

      You are one of my top-3 posters.

    4. Trinnity
      You're welcome, darlin'. Have a great day. :hug:
    5. jaktober
      "The problem is the USA gives them so much power and it is actually against US interests. But the good thing is the world is waking up. Slowly...."

      That's why I support Ron Paul!
    6. jaktober
      "Our region is very religious and pious and you must to be fair take that into consideration because if you dont it is meaningless. It needs a foundation and is not just about chopping up land into districts."

      Great point. I guess I left that out because I agree that it needs to be about moving past that.

      An Israel-Palestine that doesn't champion anyone as a "chosen people" would be a great model for Muslims, Jews and Christians living together in a highly disputed land. I think it would have an epic positive effect.

      The only way to make that happen though would be to connect Non-Zionist Jews with Non-Jihad Muslims and Non-Evangelist Christians in the Region to form an organization to push forward an "Equal Rights Single State." Maybe a "Party" that is represented in both Israel and Palestine that makes a single-state Constitution their single Goal.

      Are there any networks you could think of where these people could be found or join together? Maybe even making a "group" on social networks called "Jews, Muslims and Christians for an Israeli-Palestinian Single-State" ?

      I've heard from one other Palestinian who supported this idea, I have his contact and blog link in a post on a forum that is unfortunately down today. Once I can access it I'll link it up.
    7. jaktober
    8. Mayerling
      Hey Abu,
      My husband is watching Kaharah el youm ( sp) and it is showing protests by Copts country wide regarding the incident with the church in Aswan. What do you know about this?
    9. RevAnarchist
      You have to be a woman...
    10. RevAnarchist
      Are you a girl or a guy? I like to know because I am not as abrasive with a female~
    11. Midnight Express
      Midnight Express
      Salam Aleykum Abu Sina Ramadan mübarek

      I live in Turkey.I love listening Ümmü Gülsüm(I think its written something like Um Koulthum in Latin letters.We write it like I wrote above)I just wonder the meaning of this song

      Can you make me some translation into English.Thanks in advance.Greetings from turkey
    12. Abu Sina
      Abu Sina
    13. janpor
      AbuSina, did your previous profile picture, with the dancers, came from the miovie "The Fall"?!
    14. Didymus
      I agree with your signiture.
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