Oct 13, 2008
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    1. Monster Zero
      Monster Zero
      you Progressive Trump haters hiding
      behind your guns, the flag, and svc record
      make me barf ... just kidding HA HA
      1. camp_steveo
        ok...just kidding, but I am not progressive at all. I am libertarian.
        May 16, 2018
    2. RevAnarchist
      Hey Stevo! Sorry for the belated friends thing! I don’t check my PMs etc very often. I am honored to be your friend and request yours as well. As a vet (puking buzzards and an forced REMF) I admire your service to our country and am a bit envious too! I never thought I would say this but I miss being in the Army, smelling the diesel and cordite in the morning. Hey stay safe and get back soon.
    3. HillBilly
      Today is Jiyuu-Freedoms BirthDay . please join me in sending her birthday greetings & well wishes to a great gal and one of the best Mods on PF :-)
    4. Makedde
      Thank you! And thank you for being such an awesome member! Look forward to your postings in the New Year! :)
    5. paradiselove
      lol that would've been a bad pic if your foot was shot... ouch
    6. paradiselove
      thanks ... love the army pic
    7. daisydotell
      You are welcome.
    8. HillBilly
      I've dug a few fox holes myself with that daamn short shovel , good spider killer though :) turn it upside down and stick the handle in the ground , set the blade on 90* ,, makes a fair seat if you ain't got a big arse ... can't do it with a pack on , nope ..:-)
    9. HillBilly
      enjoyed the post ,, repped you ,, thought I'd say hello to a fellow grunt ..
    10. Trinnity
      There's a place for you to accept. You have to do that....I can't do it for you.
    11. A Bunch of Lies
      A Bunch of Lies
      Lol! Good one!
    12. A Bunch of Lies
      A Bunch of Lies
      Nice picture! I thank you for your service good sir!
    13. shaker154
      thank you, this has been a good conversation. Good luck and enjoy your day off
    14. shaker154
      congrats, i havent even begun thinking about kids. I am not even in a relationship right now. Oh well i have 1 and a half more years of college left, after that i will probably move down to either Maryland or North Carolina to look for work. Hopefully then i will be able to focus on that area of my life as well
    15. shaker154
      ask him to think about which sport makes him happier, success is secondary to happiness
    16. shaker154
      make sure he enjoys it while it lasts, most kids just like myself breeze through without realizing what they have... I wish when i was younger i did more stuff instead of wasting alot of time playing video games.... IS there any chance he could do both?
    17. shaker154
      Good, though i hope the kid is a hard worker. he will need to be if he stays with it. When i was 13 i wanted to be a lawyer, now im in computer forensics. Most kids change there minds a few times along the way, i wouldn't be surprised if your son does too.
    18. shaker154
      my bro has been in the reserves for around 4 years or so. He was a diesel mechanic and spends his military weekends training new guys to do his job.

      I have been having a bad week, but today has been going well for me so far. Im still in college so i have a very easy work study job (it's too easy) also i work at the little league world series. That starts in a few weeks and i can't wait.
    19. shaker154
      well my Grandpa served in WW2 and i always think of the stories he used to tell me when i was younger. My brother coincidentally was 15 minutes from going to Iraq, then they captured Baghdad and now he is in the reserves.

      You should totally go back to college if possible, im sure the army has some sort of program that should pay for most of it.
    20. shaker154
      the only problem i have with your siggi is that Harding was a terrible president who let his friends run wild. He had possibly the most corrupt administration in US history...

      Beyond that note, Thank you for your service in the armed forces
    21. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      Hello...good to see some conservatives here still fighting the good cause. ;)
    22. Viv
      Hehe..I try to change it from time to time, but people protest.. threads have been started over it.. :)
      I like reading your posts. Seem like a smart guy and decent person.
    23. AJTheMan
      Thanks, camp_steveo.
    24. GodofCats
      Very awesome Mark Twain quote in the sig.
    25. DutchClogCyborg
      Great respect if you are on that picture :D
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