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May 7, 2016
Jun 24, 2009
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Underemployed college grad

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May 7, 2016
    1. ridehard2208
      Hey Dude You were right Mr. Money Mustache looks like a great site and lots of good info gonna follow him both on FB & Twitter Thanks!
    2. Trinnity
      Well, nice to meetcha. <wave>
    3. Trinnity
      Hi there. Visited my page, I see. What brings you my way, sir?
    4. Metal Head
      Metal Head
      My favorite Doctor is Jon Pertwee. Who is yours?
    5. Metal Head
      Metal Head
      The Tardis. cool.
    6. flounder
      Thank you for the rep and listening. We do redefine some words it's true, but that particular word is a rough one. While making many gays happy, it's redefining what billions understood and agreed to, it's a contract. I do not believe they should be told that contract is redefined. Rename scotch tape yes, marriage no.
      Thanx shaker
    7. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Thank you:)

    8. camp_steveo
      Thank you. ~SC
    9. camp_steveo
      I was told that a man is nothing without a woman. So, don't put it off forever. The last year of college is a perfect time to find someone with very similar goals in life. Good luck.
    10. camp_steveo
      Yes it is. I think he began realizing that when he felt the nostalgia for baseball. This winter we are going to discuss this at length. He will have made a firm decision by spring, and already be preparing himself for whatever he decides. We were blessed with 4 beautiful children, all of whom are very hard workers.
    11. camp_steveo
      Yes, but he refused. I agree with him though. I would not want to do two sports these days. To be successful, you have to work at it year round. He said he would rather just work at one sport. The thing is, he isn't having as much success at football.
    12. camp_steveo
      He is learning a lesson this summer about that. He has always been a basball all-star around here, until this year when he took up football instead. The other day we were watching the 13th inning of the Mets vs Dodgers game when he said he misses it. Life is funny that way...LOL
    13. camp_steveo
      The other day my 13 year old son told me he was going to be a surgeon. He said it was just like being an auto mechanic, "except it's on the body" I told him he was right, and I was going to hold him to it.
    14. camp_steveo
      Well, I appreciate you grandpa and your brother. Anyone who serves deserves respect. Anyway, I am out. Have been for a few years. I am a satellite tech for a national company now. It's a sweet job. Got lucky this AM. I was supposed to work, but got up and had nothing in my handheld. :D Called in to ask, and they said they must have not told me...woot!
    15. camp_steveo
      That's all you get in high school history. Hell, that's all I got in college too. At least, HIS101 didn't go into any detail about this. It was all about memorizing important dates, not getting a grasp of the entire history. History is fascinating. My sister is working on her Masters at the now infamous Augusta State in GA, where they are being sued for allegedly trying to force a Chrisitan to change her beliefs. :OMFG: She is kind of ashamed of the school right now. I am too. I went there for a year, but dropped out. I was not into school.

      edit: Thanks for the comments, and the appeciation. I always try to thank a vet for their service too.
    16. Never Left
      Never Left
      I am glad to be friends with you!
    17. cr70
      Yeah, Tom Baker was my Doctor. I love them all, even the much maligned Colin Baker.(Who, incidentally, is fantastic in the Big Finish audios)
    18. cr70
    19. cr70
      Do you get the official Doctor Who magazine? It's a great way to keep up with the show.
    20. cr70
      Have you seen Torchwood? If you like Who, you will probably love that show.
    21. rstones199
      kmisho is great - better than me. I dont have the patient he/she has :)
    22. Kissy
      Ahhh little shaker, I do appreciate the add. Thank you :o)
    23. shaker154
      thanx for the intel
    24. Makedde
      To take a quiz, all you need is the right amount of credits needed, which should be anywhere from 25-35. You should have enough. :)
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    us pennsylvania
    i am a college graduate currently working in retail purgatory till I find something more permanent. Not all arguments i make are my opinion on the subject. To me the most important issue we are dealing with right now is the disappearance of the worlds honey bees. If we lose those bees, we lose almonds, and most every flowering plant in the world. Biodiversity takes a nosedive, and our vary survival is at risk.

    video games, basketball, politics,



    The playing fields in life are not level, some people never have a chance.

    a quiz that weighs how much each issue means to me...
    You are a center-left social libertarian.
    Left: 1.99, Libertarian: 4.29

    don't give up, don't ever give up - Jimmy V