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Sep 20, 2011
    1. usgrant7
      Hi Common. Just wondering if you are doing well.
    2. Adriano
      hello commonsence

      is everything good in your end of the world?
      havent seen any of those long post of yours lately
    3. katiegrrl0
      If I miss them even one day I feel slow and sluggish. It is very important. Thanks.
    4. katiegrrl0
      It worked very well. My thyroid no longer functions. I take synthroid now to replace the hormones. It costs $7 a month. The treatment was an ultra sound then two pills. i had to stay away from people for a few days. It did the trick.
    5. B L Zeebub
      B L Zeebub
      Yes you are right, it must be my subconsious, I hope I have not found my niche yet, it would destroy my street cred in the real world as a rebel with too many causes!
    6. B L Zeebub
      B L Zeebub
      I wish I could subscribe to that, but I still have my dead fathers ideals within me, to help the less fortunate, you get a lot of kicks in the balls, but when it creates a good result it gives an old atheist like me a good feeling of purpose!

      I have a lot of health issues at present, but some of the people I meet who have the same or worse problems but cannot afford to pay there mortgages they give me a reality check!
    7. B L Zeebub
      B L Zeebub
      I understand, I resigned from the Labour party, the party I have been a member of all my voting life because of Browns 42 day detention bill, my resignation did not matter a jot to the party, but it made me feel clean! The house of Lords(a place of unelected members which I dislike)threw it out!
    8. B L Zeebub
      B L Zeebub
      thank you my friend, I think I stated I was unhappy when you left, I was pleased when you rejoined.
      This is still a medium that most times I cannot take seriously! but thanks to certain op's it is a place that I find enjoyable and they help to redefine my rather jaundiced opinions of Americans
    9. JMS
      that dude -- i know that dude. thats a tough dude. look at his menacing gaze!
    10. JMS
      hehe, your avatar still makes me laugh.
    11. JMS
      ^_^ i hax 4l0t
    12. Inferno
      I responed to your social boundaries thread I hope it helps if not ask and i will do what I can to clarify. I was part of GLF at the beginning and may be able to help you more clearly understand the movement.
    13. Adriano
      no they dont man, but you leave no room for debate in a good way, keep it up:thumbsup:
    14. Adriano
      whats up great political mind? great post from you, i am glad there are still reasonable people out there.
      take care
    15. tresha
      Well thank you for the friend request. If I may ask, what prompted it?
    16. Fear-And-Loathing
      yeah not bad not bad just bumming around waiting for college to start again lol. Yourself?
    17. usgrant7
      Good to be back, and its nice to see you enjoying yourself on the beach while I am in Rochester, NY... :P
    18. Novus ordo seclorum
      Novus ordo seclorum
      Heh, read the Jew bashing thread; you'll be amazed.
    19. Novus ordo seclorum
      Novus ordo seclorum
      Was being sarcastic, especially with all the Jew bashing on this forum :)
    20. lucid
      Welcome back.
    21. B L Zeebub
      B L Zeebub
      Fair to middleing ,,,,ers old chap, how is life with you
    22. Inferno
      Thanks for the friends response. I am honored to have said yes.
    23. Inferno
      Thanks for your response. I think we have had some great dialouge over the last couple of days. I was a bit huffy when i wrote that one response so i thought it would be good to say sorry to you and post it publicly. I like your views and your open mind.
    24. Inferno
      This thread has gone a long way in a short time, why so confrontational here? Firstly I am not the commander in chief (or we wouldn't be in any war), secondly I'm thinking you've taken my post out of context. The US has the greatest military in the world currently, its' influence lies here.

      I was heated in my respone to you for that I apologize.

      I posted this. I just wanted that you should see. In case you didn't get back to that thread.
    25. JMS
      lol, oil crazy. yep.
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