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Jan 12, 2022
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Jan 12, 2022
    1. Goldwater
      Work is good DBM...mainly because I'm working!.....and at yet another of California's medical insurers. This time I'm a medicare fraud investigator.

      Good to see you're still here
    2. HillBilly
      I'm feeling pretty good , but somewhat distraught in remembering that this time last year I started swelling badly , so I'm watching that like a hawk , something poisoined me last year , and I don't know what it was ... but I've installed expensive water filtration and am not eating any salt nor consuming anything I'm not supposed to eat .

      thanks for asking old buddy ... are you doing ok ?
    3. HillBilly
      well , they ain't caught them yet , and probably won't , but I had insurance , so I'll be re-imbursed ... yeaaaaaa...

      I didn't know it , but this sort of thing happens all the time ... White collar crime ,,, rob someone and get by with it , and don't even have to use a gun ... (*)(*)(*)(*) ...
    4. MissJonelyn
      I keep forgetting to upload some. I will today.
    5. glitch
      Hey DBM. That's me chewing out my daughter (great kid). We play a lot of mixed tourneys together. I've got two other daughters, but Kierra is the only one who took up tennis. That's my buddy Mark next to us.

      Good to hear about your daughter. Tennis is a great sport. Hopefully you'll get out there and hit with her.
    6. starbow
      AOK, the PF site gets slow so I journey over to Political Buddies. why don't you join?


      tell them I sent you over and I get a free lap top! LOL

    7. starbow
      thanks for saying hello, all is well here. a bit on the warm side, everyday the high has been over 100 degrees since the end of May. starbow
    8. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Hey Mr. I haven't been online for a couple of weeks. I took a little time off!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was nice and sunny here.

      Nice to hear from you!

    9. Makedde
      You earn them when you make a post. You can use them to do the quizzes. Other than that they serve no purpose at all.
    10. glitch
      Hey Rosco. This is the week I'll be heading for your Oregon. Hopefully y'all will have great weather for us while we're there. Gonna be in Sun River - beautiful place. I'll be condoing with a group of tennis fanatics. Just there for three days and we don't want to win it all - qualify for the nationals - or they'll bust our team up (USTA rules). Fun stuff.
    11. HillBilly
      I'm doing ok , my friend... just taking small steps , and praying a lot ....
    12. Makedde
      You just go to your userCP and you should see any reputation you have been given - I assume this is what you are referring to?
    13. starbow
      IT RAINS IN TEXAS?!?!? I thought when it rained in Texas it wasn't rain but always some sort of clique - like "It's raining horseshoes and cow bells"... But, it's just raining hard now? Hey - was Ross Perot from Texas?

      We usually get most of our rain in the Fall and the Spring. Summers are long, hot and dry, and winters are mild and mostly without rain or snow. Ross Perot was born and raised in Texarkana, which I guess makes him "borderline". LOL.

    14. starbow
      whoops, I used one of those asterisked words. LOL
    15. starbow
      aok, its raining like a (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) here in Fort Worth.
    16. starbow
      the evolution thread? it was kinda going in circles anyway -----just out of curiosity, what is your avatar? it looks like a hockey mask.
    17. glitch
      Gotta check in once in a while and see what DBM is up to.
    18. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Thank you and I will pray for you too. I am sorry to hear it didn't work out. Sincerely,

    19. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Thank you my fine friend. I don't have a valentine anymore but the kindness you extended me, warmed this old heart!

      Best to you too:)

    20. Zavy
      Glad to have found the video you thanked me for on the evolution thread. I also thought it was very thought provoking and meeting my common sense reason and logic bar.
    21. FourHymnsForHim
      Thanks very much, I had a look at it, briefly cause of time constraints, but it appears to be something that I would give credit to, thanks for taking the time to link me to it :)
    22. Zavy
      My bad, the town San Antonio can be found between Isabella and Aguadilla.
    23. Zavy
    24. Zavy
    25. Zavy
      Hey thanks for the kind words! Could be I have way too much time on my hands? Wish you were right about the kid comment, I'm old as dirt.
      Humpbacks have been spotted off the coast so maybe tomorrow I'll give you guys a break and take the telescope up on the bluff with a cold six pack. We're talking the end of winter with our lows at 68 and highs in the mid 80's...
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