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New Member, from Odessa,Ukraine

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May 8, 2016
    1. Tofiks

      Ilgi nebiju te bijis. Iet labi :)
    2. cassandrabandra
      We have great beaches. there are no resorts near where we live, but having been to a few european beaches, I know our beaches are better. if you like surfing we have very good beaches too!

      You are doing well with your english. sometimes I have to think about the way you say things. It is not bad grammar, but the lack of an exact word in English that makes it difficult. It would be the same way for me if I try to speak another language. As you improve your vocabulary these problems disappear.

      You are right - your english is good for a ukrainian guy. Being a native english speaker it is harder for me to learn other languages, because almost everywhere I go someone speaks English - except Ukraine - we improved our Russian there more than in Russia! I am happy to communicate more if you want more practice.

      So I think what you say about Timoshenko it is that she would fool the people into thinking they have democracy - but in truth she is anti democratic? On some levels she would make Ukraine stronger, which would be good - but the price people would pay would be to be under authoritarian rule. And the country may not progress politically. In the long run, this would be bad for Ukraine, and for the people.

      We have discussed EU membership before - I think it is really unfortunate that the balkan states joined so quickly. Better to have a trading/economic block so you become stronger. Ukraine has huge potential, and may attract a lot of foreign investment, but I think it would be good for Ukraine itself to develop itself as much as possible. You have a lot of resources, but your people are often your most important resource. Investment in good education, and ensuring skilled employment opportunities exist, is important.

      The visa issue is the main thing. That is really important for young people especially, as the opportunity to travel gives you the opportunity to learn more, and is something your country can benefit from as well as you. But your country does not need EU membership to get around that, it just needs different agreements with other countries. If your economy is stronger and your country has better relationships with other countries that can improve.

      Maybe one day you will travel here! Spending time in an English speaking country is the best way to improve your English. I hope you are not too cold for now - the coldest I have ever known was about -7!
    3. cassandrabandra
      No I am in Perth now. but I may go down to the south in a few days. Congratulations on doing well in your exams, you must be a very good student. I am sure you will be successful in your studies. Do you study English at University as well?

      I will be very interested to see what happens in a few weeks in your elections. I don't know how things will affect the Ukrainian people and your economy - I hope things will improve with a change of government. If Timoshenko gets in - what sort of impact do you think she would have?
    4. cassandrabandra
      Hi Der Meister! It is good to hear from you!

      I saw it is cold - I know Nikoleyev and Odessa were -5 today - so I think Kiev must be colder - here in Perth it was 33 - but 43 on Sunday - which was too hot.

      What did you think of the election outcome? is that what you expected? so now its basically between Yanukovic and Timoshenko - who will win do you think?

      I also have a place (like a Dacha or summer house) in the south where there are nice forests.

      How are your studies going? I think you have exams about now.
    5. cassandrabandra
      Hi Der Meister

      I wish the same to you, and all the best for all your family. May all your dreams come true, and may 2010 bring you good health, happiness and the opportunities to reach your goals. You are right, fortune favours the brave, but luck is the point where opportunity and planning meet, so fortune also favours those who are prepared, and who make the most of what life has to offer. With that I also wish you good luck in your studies.

      I hope it is not too cold in Kyiv right now! It is very hot here in Western Australia.
    6. cassandrabandra
      Re Ukrainian Leadership: It is hard - I sometimes think Yushenko runs the risk of dividing the country further.

      That is interesting re Latvia and what is happening with sugar. I think there are a number of examples where you can see something similar happening, but I have not looked into it so much. I do know some EU companies are taking advantage of cheaper labour and no trade barriers in Romania/Bulgaria, but workers often prefer to go to other countries so they can get a decent wage.

      I think this is already happening with textile workers in Ukraine, even though you are not EU!
    7. cassandrabandra
      I am from Australia.
    8. cassandrabandra
      The EU has grown too fast - and states which have joined before they are ready have not necessarily gained as much. Maybe later they will. who knows? Ukraine I think would be exploited and costs of living may go up, so I agree would be better to think along the lines of an alignment with other Eastern states as Baltic/Black sea - which really, I think Estonia, etc should also have gone with, rather than joining EU so quickly.

      You form bigger trade blocks, and then maybe later alliances with EU - seems more sensible. European mercantilism, as manifest in EU - is no stranger to exploiting economically weaker nations - even within its own block. by being a stronger grouping you are in a better bargaining position.

      Good ties with Russia are crucial - in the East (where many of your industrial cities are) many people still identify as Russian - plus as you say there are resources. There is a need to be Ukrainian rather than under Russia but I think it is important to be balanced.

      I think it will be very interesting to see what happens in the next few years. You need strong leaders, but those with the capacity to promote their countries in a positive way globally, and to encourage inclusiveness of the people. leaders who are representing only minority interests (or encourage foreign investment at the expense of their own people) are bad for any country in the long run.
    9. cassandrabandra
      no. I have a degree in pol sci from many years ago, and I am interested to see other perspectives.

      I find the American understanding of many issues is different from European/Australian perspective. I am interested in Eastern European perspective as there are many changes, and it will be interesting to see where thngs go.

      I like Kiev - very nice city. was there a couple of months ago.
    10. cassandrabandra
      I know very little Russian! just basic words.

      you are very well informed on economic history, what are you studying?
    11. cassandrabandra

      would love to be your friend

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