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In Memoriam, from Long Island N Y

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Jan 3, 2015
    1. HillBilly
      yeah , I saw that.... it happens every time....haha....... had my laser mouse cleaned , seems to be working ok now.... saw that Jollee is back but now Changed is missing...
    2. HillBilly
      hey Flounder ,,, what's up with you and Dom ? y'all going noodling ?
    3. tomfoo13ry
      Of course I know who Dom is. I actually know him better as...Captain Chaos!
      I've never seen him cooking with Julia Child though, I'll have to see if I can find a video clip or something; it sounds hilarious.
    4. Falena
      I am worried. I haven't heard a word from her. I hope everything is OK. If you hear from here please tell me. I'll do the same.
    5. Falena
      Look if your goal is to meet someone with money and marry them fine. I'm talking about whats more important. Money or love. OK get it? Maybe to you money is more important. Ive been dirt poor. Ive been homeless by my own doing for Christ sakes. I have money now by my own doing. I have more than I will ever need. Its not about the money. It never was. Its about love. I have both and its about love. For the last time with respect to you, Flounder. To each his own. I'm gonna leave it at that.
    6. Falena
      LOL you could not be more off base. You have the potential to meet someone at the dump if you were there. You have opportunities in everyday life. Statistically speaking if you are breathing and thinking you could be introduced to anyone. Good Lord Flounder, if your a thinking, social person you meet people everyday. Money in your pocket has nothing to do with it. Come on!
    7. Falena
      Flounder I just fixed it myself. Thanks anyway, Honey
    8. Falena
      Honey, could you do me a favor please? Go to my page and post something and then delete it. My page is stuck on messages not read and I cant fix it. Remember it happened before. I think this is what we did to fix it. Thanks, Baby!
    9. Falena
      No you dont. I absolutely understand where your coming from. Just like the majority of people and the way they think. A failure in the works or a life of misery. Money, looks, bla, bla, bla....none of that (*)(*)(*)(*) matters when the problems come.
      When I first met my Honey we spoke and I instantly recognised a wonderful full spirited heart. Like I said, water seeks its own level. The two same heart levels met. Get it now? I wasnt looking at their wallet or there exterior features. I wasnt shopping in a meat market or looking for money. I was complete all on my own, Honey. Hahahaha..... your not gonna get anywere with me on this. Nice try though! Like I said Flounder to each his own. For me it is never about the money. Money comes and goes. Its about the core that sustains through good times and bad. Its love, Baby!
    10. Falena
      Bull(*)(*)(*)(*) and you dont know what I am talking about. Its obvious. The heart never grows stale Flounder. It only grows. If what you thought was love grows stale it wasnt love it was fringe fluff that attracted you to that person. Do you follow? 20 years later I know what Im talking about. One more time Honey......to each their own. Money never ruled me. Looks never ruled me. I looked for a heart and found it. You know why? Because I have heart and water always seeks its own level.
    11. Falena
      If a woman is attracted to you because you have money, there is your first mistake. Its not about the money. Its about the heart of the person. If you have money and find a broad, what happens if you dont have the money one day or the power? Could money replace the love you have for your children? No, it cant.....Like I said before, to each their own. I know where my own is and I'm very happy there.
    12. Falena
      Anybody can think they are in love. Many usually do or did. When you find a love so deep you almost cant describe in words you know that what you have no amount of money could compare to. You know that it is the most special gift you could have been given in your lifetime. Your job/currency then becomes applying all the principles you learn and know to elevate that gift. Money is meaningless compared to that kind of love. I can make money all day long. Its easy, simple and anyone can go get it. Try and find the kind of love I'm speaking of. Not so simple and not very many ever find it. Its love for me. Maybe not the world, but for me it is.
      To each his own, Honey.
    13. Falena
      Everyone is ruled by different things. Love is the strongest force in my life. True deep love trumps everything. Thats a personal fact.
    14. Falena
      LMFAO!! You're a very odd man!
    15. Falena
      Good idea......now go get one! I think on your ass would be a good place!
    16. Falena
      Thanks Mallyooop, but stop doing that. Please!
      Oh and no fish tattoos......sorry Charlie!
    17. catalinacat
      Oh you're curious, are you? I will have to upload a picture here then, just for you. Probably one from my trips. Glad you like my avatar.:razz:
    18. doctorhugo
    19. daisydotell
      I get really worried about her when she is absent after one of the procededures. Those things are worrisome and scarey.
    20. catalinacat
      o=o=o=o, I don't blame her, I HATE fleas. And your parrot, how dare he?
      I hope things improve for you and you enjoy the day, I am.
    21. daisydotell
      Where is Changed?
    22. daisydotell
      Thanks for the link.. I voted.
    23. TheGreatSatan
    24. Otter
      Thanks for letting me know...I added my 2 cents...:D
    25. HillBilly
      I'm gonna log off for a while , walk around , stretch a bit... if I don't see ya tonight , I will tomorrow... Dan
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    Infraction??, but he insulted me FIRST!!
    So report him.He reported you, we usually check reports first. Next time report him
    Oh, I will thanx...