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Nov 10, 2010
May 3, 2009
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Nov 10, 2010
    1. HillBilly
      Today is Jiyuu-Freedoms BirthDay . please join me in sending her birthday greetings & well wishes to a great gal and one of the best Mods on PF :-)
    2. HillBilly
      Farra , have you heard from Flounder the last few days ?
    3. Falena
      I'm thinking about you and hoping you are alright!
    4. flounder
      Hey Farra, Have Not Seen You Forever.....merry Christmas
    5. moon
      Merry Christmas.
    6. Raskolnikov
      Hey Farra, how goes it. (PS. I used to be The-Irish-Socialist)
    7. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      could not get on for a long while
      Hope your thanksgiving was nice....here's wishing all the comfort and joy the season has to offer.....i put a pic up of me in my profile page...sandy and her son at Niagara falls two summers ago..i've lost a bit of weight since...not mush but a bit...working on it...
    8. flounder
      Hey farra, see your still not making too many appearances....LOL Cant blame you still messed up here. Hope I see you soon...
    9. Doc Dred
    10. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      i finnaly came out...organised religion is poison....
      anywho take care....you know what i was doing and well it was fun and hopefully a little enlightening....
    11. changed
      Maybe it will, I sure hope so!!!!
    12. changed
      Hi Farra... Is that Britt??? I know it is isn't Heidi.
    13. changed
      Farra, I know how you feel. I only come in a couple of hours a day instead of all day like I used to.
      I just was thinking about you and missed you. I am glad you are OK!
      If you find the cure of the boredom, please let me know;)
    14. changed
      Hi girlfriend, where have you been?? I have missed you and missed your wonderful posts.
      I hope your here to stay!!!!
    15. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      howdy hi....how is things.....got banned once again for loopy reasoning....too weird....

      read any good books on how to lobby mods....lol....
    16. Jollee
      Invest in Alchohol, good people are just waiting for theior voices too be heard in Novemmber and 2012
    17. shpraralain
      Hi dear. I haven't noticed any of your wonderful posts for some time. Hopefully you are well, and are just taking a well deserved break.
    18. Falena
      Your very welcome Farra. I read your comment and it is a timely one.
      First impressions sometimes etch a picture in our conscious that may or may not be verified upon further encounters. Its always an unfortunate situation when a first impression takes on a negative aspect that when given time to prove itself wrong fails to do so. It is a wonderful learning experience when the opposite is true. Never judge a book by its cover. But if upon reading into it further it is disturbing, discard it and move on to something more appropriate to your being.
    19. Eaglewings
      Thank you, I enjoy reading yours as well. Now it is my turn to thank you for accepting my request, and I would be honored to be your friend.
    20. RevAnarchist
      I dropped by by accident, I navigated here looking for a member that wasn't you, but if that photo is of you well it was a pleasant mistake! You should model, I am a photographer and I know what it takes,but to be honest I rarely shoot models (too mean and expensive!), however take it from me, you could be one!
    21. OneThunder
      You are very welcome. I just don't hand them out, I really think you can get right to the crux of the matter with a refreshing blast of the truth.
    22. Larry Dickman
      Larry Dickman
      We can either mock the fools and laugh or we can go nuts understanding the depths of their ignorance and stupidity. Glad you laughed, thanks for the reps.

    23. justonemorevoice
      have a texas hug from me. i wish i could make your heartache ease up. ((((((hugs)))))
    24. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
    25. Larry Dickman
      Larry Dickman
      Excellent thoughts on the boy Barry. Your PHD is illustrated by your patience with adversaries, a patience I do not share. Krauthammer shares your views, which puts you in stellar company.

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