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    1. Incorporeal
      Thanks for the link. I will check it out and if available for download, I will do that also. Have a blessed evening and may prosperity travel with you.
    2. hoorshid
    3. undertheice
      without faith all we have is logic. my charity, my empathy and even my affections are all based on this logic. no, it is not as sterile as it sounds. my one small nod to the irrational is my atheism, but even that contains a note of reason. my logic has led me to a place where my only alternative is to detest the divine and reason dictates that such hatred is a waste of my time. i have, however, the greatest respect for those who utilize their faith in the service of others and attempt never to denigrate their beliefs. the greatest, kindest and wisest people i've ever known have been people of faith and their virtues seem to wash from my memory the sins of those who would use their faith as a cudgel instead of a kiss :)
    4. Incorporeal
      I must admit... for an Atheist... I am impressed with your sensitivity and willingness to take to task the issue of false logic. I am by no means a logician and have never studied logic as some on this forum would like others to believe that they have. I am just a good ol country boy, retire due to Emphysema, but I love to jump in the fray of things and sometimes give those others something to think about. Have a blessed remainder of the night and tomorrow.
    5. undertheice
      my pet peeve is the dishonest application of false logic, so i often end up defending religion even though i myself am an atheist. i got my chops from my grandfather, a baptist minister/missionary, so making mincemeat of simplistic ridicule is easy as pie most of the time. logic does not provide all answers, this is something so many of my fellow atheists fail to grasp. it really can be rather embarrassing at times :)
    6. undertheice
      not too bad for a crazy old atheist, eh? thanks for the rep and have fun :)
    7. stroll
      Yes, desperately avoiding the issue, though it is so close.

      Moderation is getting less tolerant of meaningless trolling... tough times ahead, Inq., time to face the REAL issues.
    8. Kit
      You seem like you're afraid of death.
    9. Incorporeal
      My question that was posed to you is the result of me being a reactionary. 62 years in the trenches, has taught me that most people have ulterior motives for their actions and the only way to find out what those motives are is to ask, else wait for the 'payout' and then you would know. So, when I suspect or even discern that there is an ulterior motive, I like to accommodate. Now, being that you have determined an absence of UM, then I can go on back to my routine way of handling things. Popeye is a cool dude. as a child, he used to be one of my favorite cartoon shows. Have a good day, and hopefully I won't ruffle your feathers today.
    10. Felicity
      Certainly not. I like you, Incorporeal. I get irritated sometimes, It's a free country. Post what you like. I think you're a genuine dude who is what he is, and I appreciate that. I hope you can appreciate I'm a plain spoken, tell it like it is gal who can be a little snippy at times. As Popeye would say: "I yam what I yam." If that means you don't want to be friends, I understand, but not being in love with every post you write doesn't preclude me from considering you a quality person and poster on the forum. Be well, sir.
    11. HillBilly
      I left a prayer request for you in the 'believers in Jesus' group
    12. HillBilly
      Merry Christmas Inc. [IMG]
    13. Incorporeal
      AMEN Brother. May the Lord bless you and yours, and may you have a prosperous new year.
    14. HillBilly
      I'd say we're both blessed with great yards , amen ? and Merry Christmas

    15. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      Just thought I would stop by... see what your doing...
    16. RevAnarchist
      HEY brother! Sorry I have not been around as much but a couple of months ago in a Sol like manner, domestic issues, my health, and finances all bad not good began to rule my free time. But I am feeling MUCH better now! I hope to talk with you soon! Hi to BFOJ as well, he is a fine feller, a true christian brother in spiritual arms as are you! God bless all of you ~
    17. BFOJ
      Please check in frequently with our new social group.
    18. Rubydee2u
      'Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ.' Galations 6:2.

      You are very special one. Thank you for sharing with me and,,wherever you go and whatever you do always remember that I love you. Signed with lots of hugs and kisses.
    19. Incorporeal
      Thank you Wired for what appears to be and is accepted as a compliment. Others on this forum hold extremely different opinions, but hey... I would not want to be the appealing flavor in the cup of coffee or tea of everyone. I am just me.

      As for the 'about me' section... Naaah... if someone gets curious, they will inquire.
    20. Wired
      You're an interesting person to be around, I think.

      Also, you should fill in your About Me section!! :D
    21. Incorporeal
      To my understanding, either form of the word 'nevertheless' are acceptable... I will check on it and get back to you on it.
    22. kilgram
      Well, although I don't agree with you with many things. I can respect your opinion, and it is nice to see a christian that at least separates himself from the church, that it has only profit interests, and has abandoned what Christ said.

      It is interesting that you've posted a post of agreement to me. And yes corporations are detestable, at least 99,99% of them.

      And now a language curiosity, you've written "nevertheless" separated, but i've seen always written together. Is it right in both forms?
    23. Carlisle
      It was actually taken at Wakulla Springs back in March.
    24. Rebellion
      Try again, apparently it was deleted. I thought it was just locked. You'll be all set! Thanks again.
    25. Rebellion
      Ok this has been taken care of and opened, sorry for the mistake.
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    "THOUGHT. The operation of the mind. No one can be punished for his mere thoughts however wicked they may be. Human laws cannot reach them, first, because they are unknown; and, secondly, unless made manifest by some action, they are not injurious to any one; but when they manifest themselves, then the act, which is the consequence, may be punished. Dig. 50 16, 225."