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Jan 23, 2017
    1. Jango
      What do our military/intelligence operatives do to captured enemy combatants to gather intelligence when they're resistant to normal questioning?
    2. candycorn
      It's been fun. Best of luck to you.
    3. candycorn
      Looks like it may be time to bolt this playpen. Good luck to you; I may hang around for a bit but its really getting pretty useless in here.

      I've enjoyed your post.
    4. I_Gaze_At_The_Blue
      Methinks PBL has resurfaced, this time as the baloney from Bologna ... keep watch for certain key phrases ...
    5. Hannibal
      Hope you enjoyed your short vacation ... The nitwits are still cockroaching.
    6. I_Gaze_At_The_Blue
      Well, that didn't take long ... the latest batch of dirty washing has been hung out already ... shouldn't be too long nor too hard to see the next load that tries to return again, perhaps something to do with neither having the imagination nor intellect to cover the smell ???
    7. I_Gaze_At_The_Blue
      Hi again, back early due to family illness, my partner is returning 19th, in Puerto Penasco, and got there just as your college kids were starting Spring Break, so noiser than normal ... and a big sandstorm too, first one I have ever experienced.

      See you have been doing your usual sterling job on the fools, and seems that the latest addition (mendozablues) shares more than a few similarities with some previous smelly old socks of PBL's. Knew it wouldn't be long for the "operation bomb and hide" and not too long before expecting the Bushteam line comes out either !!!

      Now to do a bit of a catch up.

      Lizzy XXX
    8. I_Gaze_At_The_Blue
      I have to spread it around a bit more before giving you some it seems ... ::-D

      Reputation, my dear ... reputation, but kudos for keep pointing out that beyond signatures not a damm thing more happens with Gages Gaggle.

      I won't be around for a little bit (mid/endish April) as off to Mexico again, was supposed to be off weeks ago but a friends funeral in Oxford postponed it for wee while, and now the snow has come back, so I have again had to cancel my flight to London again, will go by train, leaving this evening.

      Woo hoo, sunshine ... here I come ... :sun:

      Keep up the good fight and I will leave all our little chums in your more than capable hands, and will raise a glass of Margerita to you all when I get there ...

    9. Hannibal
      The evidence proves there weren't.
    10. A-5
      There were bombs at the world trade center.
    11. I_Gaze_At_The_Blue
      Does it matter ... for he is not here to learn or open dialogue, just make loud boorish noises for he enjoys it, it is for the wind-up value he is here ... without that he has no power and hopefully goes away to play under a bus !!!

      But isn't it amazing what a nice place it is without his ugly words and moronic spam cluttering up the place ???

      Lizzy XXX
    12. I_Gaze_At_The_Blue
      Simply amazing what a nicer place this has become after putting a certain wee rodent on ignore ... absolutely lovely !!!

      You should try it, seriously, I most highly recommend it ... changes the whole tone of the forum.

      As well as denying the much-needed attention craved ... which is a total bonus ...
    13. Agrippa_Roma
      I study late Roman Republican history and have several books concerning Hannibal. He was a very intriguing man and a genius at that. In the end, however, much like those before and after him, he fell to the might of Rome. Alas, this does not negate his incredible intelligence or the impact he left on the world.
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