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Aug 31, 2012
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Bonnie Scotland !!!
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New Member, from Bonnie Scotland !!!

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Aug 31, 2012
    1. candycorn
      It's been fun, thanks
    2. Trinnity
      I like your dog pics!
    3. Hannibal
      Safe travels to you, Mexico is absolutely beautiful this time of year. Where is your destination?

      I'll keep doing what I do, I seem to be a nice burr under their collective butt. ;)

      Long days and pleasant nights, my friend!

      Slainte Mhath!

    4. Hannibal
    5. Hannibal
      I wonder how long it will take him to notice he's preaching to himself?
    6. Patriot911
      Merry Christmas right back atcha! I already bought my Christmas present to myself (port cask Glenmorangie) and for my good friend I bought some Ardbeg. Still don't know how he can drink that stuff. Tastes like an ashtray to me!!! Still going to do a tour of Scotland sometime. Too much history and tasty Scotch to be ignored!

      It's been a great year battling the evil forces of the truthers with you and the rest of the people mad enough over what they're doing to speak out. I tip my hat to you! Oh wait. Not wearing a hat. How about I just nod knowingly?
    7. cenydd
      And they'd have loved it - they always love people (not always quite so keen on other dogs though!)! We didn't stop in Newtonmore, but did pass through on our way down to Glencoe for a walk (and a quick beer in the Clachaig Inn!).
    8. cenydd
      The are Malamutes. We were up in Bonnie Scotland with the dogs a few weeks back on holiday (in Carrbridge) - my little avatar pic is me and the dogs up on Cairngorm mountain. One of the most beautiful areas anywhere in the world!
    9. Oddquine
      I may well take you up on the borrow of the cup of sugar the next time I'm at my cousin's at Newmore, Invergordon. Lol!
    10. candycorn
      Click on your credits on the upper right hand corner of any post and you'll see the list of members. At the bottom you can donate your credits to whomever you wish.
    11. KSigMason
      It's still a bit early, but I do plan on getting another one. I may get some smaller dogs since I am constantly moving it will be easier to move them.
    12. candycorn
      Donated some Credits due to the great work on the boards. Keep it up!
    13. KSigMason
      I lost Duke in April to health problems, but he was a great dog - very friendly, great bird dog, and allowed me to sleep in my bed. Bell runs the house. Ruger is adorably dumb (borderline retarded), but good with people.
    14. KSigMason
      My dogs would love you.
    15. I_Gaze_At_The_Blue
      Small world uh !!!

      Muir of Ord is about just less than 20 miles away ... did you visit the distillery then and have a wee dram ???

      Most of those wee toons are now bypassed on the way to Inverness, so it must be a good couple of years since I last was there. Shame really, so some of the pubs and hotels are not doing so well. havng less passing trade.

      Good to here from you ... Lizzy x
    16. RiverMimi
      I actually have stayed with a friend in Muir of Ord ... you have probably heard of it then! He and his girlfriend (at the time anyway) also came here and stayed with me in California.

      I have visited the UK on several occasions and loved Scotland the most. Country was beautiful and people fantastic.
    17. I_Gaze_At_The_Blue
      Hiya back Michele.

      From the Highlands ... a wee wee place north of Inverness.

      And as usual it is dreacht (rainy) day ... no wonder us Scots are a dour lot !!!

      Thanks for welcome, still finding my way about and hope you fine too ?

    18. RiverMimi
      Welcome to the Forums! What part of Scotland do you come from ?

    19. Patriot911
      Welcome to Political Forum! Let me know if there is anything I can assist with as far as research goes. Have fun!!!
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