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Nov 21, 1964 (Age: 59)
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Jul 5, 2016
    1. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      good post my foot,that is comedy gold you actually thought his post was a good post,i only read the last sentence of his bible length rambling and as always,he got it wrong like clockwork.he said that LA has lost two teams? uh wrong,LA only lost ONE team, the raiders.they were only there for a dozen years before moving back to oakland cause they had such small crowds that did not care about the raiders.

      the rams on the other hand,they were there for over 50 years and had the evil womans husband who she murdered so she could move the team to her hometwon i st louis,if he was still alive today,they never would have left LA. the fact you think he made a good post is comical.
    2. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      you also seem to be in denial same as you are on the rams leaving that carrol took a payoff to throw the superbowl,that is so obvious.only a retard would call for a play like that.someone like that idiot brian $hittenhiemer like he did earlier last year in the chargers game,now HE would because he is a retard,thats why the rams let him go just like the jets did and that is why he is out of the NFL.nobody wants that retard who if not for his father,would never have gottne a job in the NFL. carrol is more scum than belicheat betraying his players like that for money. also its funny that you think the cheatriots belonged there when they had to CHEAT their way to get there.yet you say the seahawks did not belong? that is some funny stuff there.
    3. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      so just wondering,when the Rams are in LA next year,are you going to remain a Rams fan or are you going to start driving up to kansas city to become a Chiefs fan? lol I asked cardinal fans here in kc when they came here to play the royals what they were going to do next year when that happened and many said they would start driving up here and switch to the chiefs.how bout you? lol
    4. Mr_Truth
      Alex Tyus is from St Louis and he played basketball at Florida under coach Billy Donovan. Alex is the nephew of a former co-worker of mine. He went to Europe and Israel to play professional ball, is doing well, and making very good money. He especially enjoys playing bball in Israel where the sport is probably more popular than is soccer.
    5. Kranes56
      Happy Birthday!
    6. Shangrila
      Happy Birthday Herk, and many more happy and healthy years to come
    7. Falena
      Happy Thanksgiving, Herk!
    8. Shangrila
      Herk my friend, a very happy birthday to you, and many more happy and healthy ones to come.
    9. mikezila
      Merry Christmas, Herk...we chipped in and got you something.

    10. mikezila
      my son just got his first toy airplane. it's this weird cross between a Herk and a Galaxy...and he loves it. where did i go wrong?
    11. BestViewedWithCable
    12. catalinacat
      Nothing against you bud, just dislike Colin Powell.
    13. catalinacat
      My pleasure to help you out Herk.
    14. jmpet
      Why'd you donate credits to me, Herk?
    15. Shangrila
      you know we luv you

    16. magnum
      Thanks for the re-add!
    17. magnum
      Thanks for accepting my friend request!
    18. SpotsCat
      Just wanted to say "Greetings from Kansas City!" - SpotsCat
    19. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      Finally found some links to Herbert J. McChrystal III. There were five brothers, with Herbert the oldest, but apparently he also went by the name of "Scott", which I had forgotten, and I do not believe I am confused here, as I have old military papers signed as Herbert. Searches under his name as "Herbert III" turn up about one original link, to a publication and his time at West Point. But under "Scott", there's quite a few. In any case, when I did a search for Scott McChrystal, much more came up, to include photos. I believe he retired in 2005 (will check), as he apparently resigned his infantry commission in the early 80's, went to divinity school, and then reentered in the Chaplain Corps, eventually serving as West Point Chaplain for 7 years (?) before retiring. He still is active in things divinity, to include speaking at Ft. Stewart, GA, last April. Here is a link to the ministry he works out of. http://www.ag.org/pentecostal-evangel/conversations2006/4793_McChrystal.cfm

      He's still got that boyish face .. the big ears too ! I hope to catch up with him again some day.
    20. janpor
      Herkdriver, my sincere apalogies for calling you gay (yet, I don't see the insult it that, although I understand why you would be offended by such a statement). And, yes, I guess it was wrong of me too to suggest your watch looked like a "granny watch". But, sorry, I didn't knew you would take that so seriously. You're an Airforce guy, so I thought you could take it. I was merely teasing you. I shouldn't have done what I did. I'm really sorry.

    21. Fish
    22. Makedde
      Happy birthday Herk!!!!!!
    23. tresha
      Thank you for your service to our country;
    24. The12thMan
      You totally nailed it with the Walmart analogy. I am very glad you came back.
    25. OneThunder
      Ya, well, I got one too. But I alerted the mods to it cuz it was worth it. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Then go on. Don't take your toys and go home. Stay here and play with us...........
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