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Jul 29, 2018
    1. B.Larset
    2. prospect
      I am sorry Felicity, I do not feel good about our disagreement in your OP,it made me feel bad that I said a few snarky things such as the one that you pointed out and the "our father in the booth" comment as I felt that was a little snarky as well.That was wrong of me and for that I do apologize.You are perceptive and I have always liked you and MANY of your posts. I have never been Catholic so perhaps I should actually try a true confessional,give it a chance before I draw any conclusions. I told you I don't do things that way and maybe I am hard headed. Truth be told, I can actually see how it could feel good on my soul. I don't doubt it has been good for you.

      Peace to you and God bless you
    3. tresha
      Thank you so much.
      I never did get to see him, but word seems to be that he is getting better and will start a rehab program soon.
      None of us really know when our step mother will permit us to see him, but I am much relieved to hear he is doing better.
      Thank you for your kind words and prayers.
      Warmest regards to you and yours for a blessed Holiday.
    4. tresha
      I'm sorry; I've just gotten some truly horrible news about my dad---I'll have to get back to that thread tomorrow or sometime soon after that.
      You seem to be a person of faith; if I can be so bold as to ask you to pray for him and my family.....it seems he is possibly dying of meningitis that has reached his brain.
      For long, complicated reasons, I'm not allowed to see him and no one is sure if our step-mom will let us know anything----but I'm pretty much in shock.
      Terribly sorry to dump all this on you--I know you're a virtual stranger.
    5. tresha
      Thanks for your response on the current thread in the Religion section.
      I'm gonna respond in a few minutes, but have some "Staff" stuff to do first.
      Just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you.
      I appreciate your thoughtful and respectful response.
    6. B.Larset
      How are you?
    7. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      Hello.i Noticed that you you were a visitor to me recently.Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and take care.
    8. MegadethFan
      ****** I wish I could change my username right now.
    9. Incorporeal
      Does our latest disagreement mean that we are no longer friends?
    10. Felicity
      Exactly. Rest in peace, friends.

      Be well, Leo. <3
    11. Leo2
      Thanks for that, Felicity (what a lovely name you have chosen). I had no strong feeling about Hitchens, but I just think he is dead - let him be. I recently lost someone who was special to me, and I would hate to think strangers somewhere were calling him names. Religious or atheist, we all share the human condition, and we will all find out what lies beyond those last breaths soon enough. :)

    12. RevAnarchist
      This is a copy (I am getting lazy in my ole age) Merry Christmas to you as well and best wishes to you and yours Felicity~
    13. RevAnarchist
      Hi Ms Beautiful Felicity. I finally got around to answering all two of my visitor messages , including yours. I have had less time for on line fun because the real world beckons, business and *cof* domestic issues ya know? Take care and I appreciate your kindness, it makes a better world for all of us. We need MORE females in high places eh? I might be aggressive and have an abrasive style in debate for my lord, but men make better warriors than leaders, eh? ~ Rev A
    14. B.Larset
      haha. See girl you give us sensitive, kind & gentle fellas- gross emotional instability!
    15. RevAnarchist
      Hi Felicity come by and visit sometime...or leave me a message..or PM me ? We are diverse enough maybe I said something in one of my replies that offended you? Well take care ~
    16. B.Larset
      haha you never came back? How are you?
    17. B.Larset
      How you been?
    18. Felicity
      I think you're being a little sensitive. Even if you're right, who cares? It's juvenile foolishness. Let it roll off.
    19. B.Larset
      Your right.
    20. Felicity
      What happened?
    21. B.Larset
      Sorry about that! I couldn't stay over there after they jerked me.
    22. B.Larset
      Hello Felicity. Its good to see you on.
    23. B.Larset
      Thank you.Thats a kind thing to say. On my visitors page is something I am doing because of a picture from someones facebook. A woman took a picture of the first of her hurting. You can see one tear that hasn't left her eye the other eye glassy and full of what she feels of the first parts to her whole broken heart. I was moved to describe what I felt.
    24. B.Larset
      Hi good to see you on. I hope everythings ok.
    25. RevAnarchist
      Well, I am trying my best and failing to rid myself of my pride! I argue too muchwhen defending my faith ! I as a christian (a pastor no less) should supposed to " be ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence". I am having difficulty with the gentleness and reverence part! How are you?... sorry for the rant ~
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