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Mar 20, 2012
Aug 28, 2005
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New Member, from Michigan

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Mar 20, 2012
    1. JavaBlack
      I don't know really. I just use google image search to find avatars.
    2. Jack Ridley
      Jack Ridley
      Where's your avatar from?
    3. Raskolnikov
    4. Til the Last Drop
      Til the Last Drop
      I sent you a friend request. I like your style. You're an independent thinker and the world needs more of them.
    5. JavaBlack
      good to see you're still kicking around, Chief.
    6. TheChief
      As time has passed i think i like your political model (the one where authoritarian governments are simply regular ideologies gone horribly wrong) better. Welcome back. :)
    7. JavaBlack
      yeah, I'm having a relapse. I'm just trying to keep from making this an everyday thing.
    8. tresha
      HEY you!!!
      I know you!
      hi, hi hi hi hi!!!
      *runs back and forth and forth and back*
      Java Black in DA HOUSE!
    9. Truckules
      Where are you?!?
    10. frodly
      we need you back!!
    11. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Hey Java - I donated to the site the other day, but don't see my name on the donors list for this month. I really don't care about my name being on the list - I just want to make sure you guys got my donation. Can you check to make sure the site received it OK? Thanks jd
    12. tresha
      Thanks for the responses, by the way!
    13. White Fox
      White Fox
      The new signature is awesome :thumbsup:
    14. The12thMan
      We're not hacked.
    15. JavaBlack
      I don't think KOD's very good at imitating is opponents because he phrases things in a way that would only convince a right-winger he's a Democrat... He was a bit more convincing when he backed Hillary due to stereotypes about her.
      I couldn't really imitate a conservative without betraying myself with an over-the-edge joke though... I couldn't help it... but sadly I might not end up sounding much different from a few classic posters.

      But I mean... you do have to remember... I'm a humor snob.
    16. TheChief
      Colbert? No you go go waaaaay more frothy mouthed bible thumping war mongering than that!
      But i do admire how KOD can imitate his opponents. Do you think you could do a better job?
    17. TheChief
      Your asking too much of him. Or maybe you grow tired of it because your (somewhat) of a lefty. Would you like to see a conservative version of him? That could be a laugh and a half.
    18. TheChief
      How can you not find KOD funny????
    19. Joe1991
    20. Inferno
      I think I have done all I can do here as a poster. I have to take some time out. When a certain male poster is allowed to post things within the rules that support rape and say that women ask and want to be raped I have had enough. I sent messages to mods and one logged off. Another one never responded at all. One one of three responded at all. I sent an e mail to the admin and have received no response there either. I reported the post a bunch of times and they tell me it is within the rules.
      Support of rape is never inside any rules. It is a blatant disregard for women. I can't ever be comfortable with that.
    21. Inferno
      Its okay that spankyis supporting the rape of women and I report him five times. I just told him off myself. I guess women need to protect themselves around here no one else does.
    22. tresha
      Muchos thanks compadre!
    23. tresha
    24. tresha
      Hi there!
      Oh I'm in a cranky/manic mood as I've gone and screwed up getting sickly and all and not being filthy stinking rich and blah blah blah.
      Lost me home internet/on a community computer at the apt office--fending people off by coughing in there general direction etc..
      Can you pop over here:
      And check out the Avatar? filter?

      My fingers are twitching to find me some lesbians a kissing each other...(And those weren't even MINE last time!)
    25. JavaBlack
      Strangely I kind of like my job. At least it's better than others I've had. It's just frustrating that I'm doing something so mindless, considering having a degree. The economy as it is, it's hard to move up right now.
      But I really can't complain. The economy as it is, having a job is lucky.
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    us michigan
    fire-breathing liberal

    social sciences,hard sciences, religion, bad horror movies, heavy metal


    "Conservatives say if you don't give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they've lost all incentive because we've given them too much money."

    -George Carlin