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Aug 29, 2010
    1. catawba
      Yes it was Lucid! Congratulations to us all!!! :sun:
    2. tresha
      Well don't forget, "toad-(*)(*)(*)(*)ing, (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) of the South, Moving back to Texas, Lawd help us all with the (*)(*)(*)(*)ing traffic patterns now God (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)! Mother(*)(*)(*)(*)ing (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)!"
    3. catawba
    4. catawba
    5. catawba
    6. catawba
      It should work out well then since rhythm is about all I play! I remember seeing another thread somewhere for musicians, we should check that out and see who else we find. I'll try to take a look.
    7. catawba
      I liked the first two names the best, they are the most descriptive.

      I can do the rhythm boogie woogie thing on the piano, do you play lead on that geetar of yours?
    8. tresha
      Ohhhh. no. Don't have that one yet.
    9. tresha
      Hey now....I'm just talking about giving you a smooch on your eyeball!

      Much like yesterday I told TJO I'd kiss his balding noggin...don't go getting all freaky on me....(oh crap. Does kissing a straight guys eyeball make 'em all "turned on" and such....guess I should have consulted with my User's Guide to Straight Men , before leaving that comment. Oops!)
    10. Jellah
      Hi Lucid, yea I know its bass and not fact my son told me that bass was the easy one to play which is why he plays it! (although he did point out there are some amazing talented bass players out there but he cant do what they do and isnt sure he could with years of training)

      It was kind of you to say they dont suck though! They all say they do and have a good time with it....they arent all that serious about it, they just have a good deal of fun with it though :)
    11. tresha
      Hey, I likes men just fine....just that.

      (insert obligatory, "some of my best friends are men..." statement here)
    12. Turkic Brat
    13. lita456
      Thanks Lucid, first time I ever heard of Bootsy! LOL!!! Now I know!
    14. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      Thank you :)
    15. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      Yeah :) :) :)
    16. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      Hey, I wanna join your social club ! Advocates of Social Science

      I am a law undergraduate and I am interested in the topic :)
    17. tresha
      Oh that's perfectly fine, but I think you should know he has confessed to having dead fairies in his garden pond. Poor, poor fairies. :no:
    18. tresha
      You are most welcome. Feel free to endorse me for PF Jester. I make no empty promises excepting free virtual beer and weed for those inclined. Oh and popcorn. :beer: :weed: :popcorn:
    19. commonsense
      Thank you, it's good to be on here again.
    20. thepoliticalplace
      BLZ wanted me to ask you guys if you wanted to come to and participate in the dicussions there. I am also looking for forum leaders and moderators.
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