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Jan 11, 2010
    1. tresha
      I'm sorry it's come to this for you. (leaving the forum)
      It does seem especially hostile for some around here lately.
      For new folks, I can totally understand wanting to find another place before they get too invested.
      I hope you land someplace where folks are as rabid.
      Take care...
    2. jbeukema
      Why must I respect delusions?
      Also, a question mark at the end of a statement implies uncertainty
    3. jbeukema
      Who's bitter? It is you who seems bitter, saying you wish you'd been aborted. it's sad to see someone say such a thing- hopefully, you can move past it
    4. Makedde
      You have Adrian on ignore? LOL so do I and I think most of the forum. He bugs me. I dont have GL on ignore, she's fun to throw around.
    5. The12thMan
      Sounds interesting. I suggest you also go out and buy yourself some perfume. "Scent replacement therapy". Mine is DKNY Apple. You can do it, Mira!!!!
    6. alexa
      Yes, I've been enjoying reading your posts Mira, you bring a refreshing air to the forum
    7. alexa
      You are very welcome. That was completely over the top. I get quite angry when religious people get into their hate mode while deceiving themselves they are superior.
    8. The12thMan
      You can do it, Mira!!!!
    9. Mira
      Ooooh, now I see who you were talking about. I just read her post on the "gay" thread. She went on my ignore list along with Adrian Wainer.
    10. Mira
      Thanks for the welcome kjyoung. I don't know people here yet so I don't think I've noticed GLCarpenter. The ignore button is a wonderful tool :)
    11. kjyoung
      Thought I would stop by to say hello... and to tell you not to be concerned with certain posters, namely GLCarpenter. Don't let her ranting and rambling bother you lol. I find myself laughing at the vast majority of her posts and, occasionally, jabbing back at her for her narrowmindedness. Welcome! :mrgreen:

    12. The12thMan
      Mira, I smoked from the age of 17 until I was 47. I quit with Chantix. I know you said you tried it. The doc told me that 48% of the people who tried it were not smoking 6 months later. I will have my one year anniversary May 11th. I didn't even really want to quit and certainly didn't expect to succeed. The doctor said that a person's body changes so that if it didn't work the first time, I could try it again in a year. I'll write more later if you're interested.
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