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Jun 7, 2010
    1. Kimi
      Thanks, Michelle. I appreciate it.
    2. MissM.
      I think those are just threads that have a common topic,I could be wrong.
      If you meant where is the Bar.....it's usually found on the very first page of Off Topic Chat area.
    3. Sayf Udeen
      Sayf Udeen
      Cool! :) Hehehe yeah this place is huge. I have trouble keeping up. :(
      What are the links to Grill in Chat and Smarties Bar?
    4. Sayf Udeen
      Sayf Udeen
      OMG! MissM.!
      Fancy seeing you here!!
    5. MusiqMix
      My weekend was great. In fact it was one of the better ones I've had in a long time. Things are going so good it's almost scary. D is on days but we dont know for how long. I pray it's permanant. We deserve the time together.
    6. farra

      Sorry about the exwife not being able to handle things - especially when an innocent baby is involved..... did she deliver "you'll be second best now in daddy's eyes"....bunch of crap? Women are so (*)(*)(*)(*) vicious when they can't keep a marriage together but don't want their man to find another woman who loves him.... doesn't make any sense to me - especially when a new life is gonna happen.

      Stay on the righteous path you are cut out for Miss....let your fella's little daughter know her dad has room for a whole football team to love....and she'll have so much herself to teach the little baby once it starts getting out and around.... sort of a senior advisor to the new baby....give her a role of inclusion and she'll blossom.... there are ways to get around the (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) messages... all kids want to feel needed and loved and inclusion in the whole process is a winner....

      It'll be fine - just stay on the happy side of things and let the bad times slide off....into the gutter where they belong.....

      PS: I'm jealous - I'd give the world to be in your shoes right now...
    7. farra
      Miss M

      This is your baby with her new daddy - nothing to do with any other people - jealousy among siblings is normal - but they will love the new little squirt when she starts hollering to be held and fed - doing those drunk little toothless grins babies all do to win our love....

      Don't spend a minute worrying about who is grumbling about her - because nature is sneaky that way - we all fall in love with the little critters when we meet them...

      Just enjoy your "females only entitlement" and look forward to having another heart to take into your own.....

      Seems to me you are surrounded by much love these days girl..... soak it in.... there's never enough to spread around.....

      Do you pick names before the birth or wait until you meet her? There are so many to choose from..... and in a couple of years think of all the darling outfits you'll be getting..... what a beautiful gift you have received.... curio/farra
    8. farra

      Don't spend your pregnancy worrying and fretting - babies don't take up that much room and things always work out. My mother was 38 when I showed up and after she had so many kids she thought she was finished.... nope! I was spoiled rotten by the older parents and the older children in the family.... best spot in the lineup to be.... with no competition! Enjoy your plans and believe it will all work out!
    9. farra

      A baby???? Talk about Christmas arriving early - well done girl - that pretty much seals the deal in ultimate gifts for both of you.....from your pictures together it the future looks yummy for the newcomer in looks and love both...... farra/curio
    10. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Yeah, but only on holidays and my birthday... ;)
    11. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      :lol: Yeah - when they put me in the padded room...
    12. farra
      Hallo little beauty !!!

      What a nice surprise you joined this forum. I figured once SMW hopped in - she would spread the word!

      I love that picture of you and your sweetcake.... hope you enjoy
      yourself here too.....
    13. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Nope, not the owner. But I'm a VERY special person ('course I'll admit I'm kinda biased)... ;)
    14. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      :lol: Many have asked that question, but I have refused them all. Sorry, can't divulge my secrets... ;)

      Tresh is indeed a hoot and certainly head and shoulders the most gregarious and entertaining person on this PF. A better friend you'll never find (except maybe me - but don't tell her I said that)! ;)
    15. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Dang it Tresh! No fair using your well known use of smileys talents against me like that - it's cheating! You're supposed to use your powers for good, not evil...:twisted:
    16. tresha
      Hi there!
      Welcome to PF...:handshake:
      It's a shame that none of the OTHER people who welcomed you here saw fit to either extend a handshake or offer their friendship.
      Makes ya kinda wonder about them doesn't it?

      Excuse me for a minute---
      Oh JD?
    17. Frogger
      Hey, Chellie, welcome to Political Forum. This place is big and scarey at first but you soon get used to it.
    18. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Thx - yeah I want her to know that her days as unofficial PF welcoming committee are numbered if she keeps slacking off like this... :D
    19. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Hi - nice pic. Welcome to the PF! Tell Tresha I beat her in welcoming you... ;)

      ~Johnny D.
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