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Oct 30, 2015
    1. Makedde
      Dont presume to tell me how to do my job, Redrum. If someone wished to delete that thread, they can. I chose to leave it open based on the number of replies and discussion generated. If you have a problem with that, complain to someone else.
    2. Ostap Bender
    3. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Sarah Palin for President!

    4. Makedde
      Yes I did, and as the thread is well established (almost four pages) and is generating good discussion, I am going to leave it alone for now.
      Later on someone else may take a look and decide to remove it, but for now, I am happy with the way it is progressing.
    5. Falena
      Was she "Happy Birthday.......... Mr. President" or Candle in the Wind?
    6. Jiyuu-Freedom
      That was very touching. Thanks my friend.
    7. flounder
      Hey Red,,,Mauri flounced yesterday, right out of the clear blue sky!!!
      WAZZ UP??
    8. flounder
      Holy Crap,,Even I am at 370,,that's nuts. Funny thing is I bet the libs are still not repping people, they are such snobs even to each other. It's very telling of them. Then they will complain their power is so low, and look for some type of hand out, God forbid they earn their power.
    9. Falena
      Na, i be vuree opin midid tur ehnee ding un da taible!
    10. Falena
      Belas der herz, da be perain' fer ya!
    11. jedimiller
      yeah. Shiva is da boss!!! The comment was very, very insulting..or it would be to a straight man. Talking about basically mounting him from behind and doing it to him..rape man!
    12. jedimiller
      Did you read/see what FAME said to Hillbilly?
    13. jedimiller
      SWEETTTT..I think i'm going to make me some over easy eggs too..with a glass of OJ and maybe some biscuits..But I gotta stop by the store first man. ENJOY MAN!!!
    14. jedimiller
      Sweet. Who are U feeding? Sounds like a lot of food just for you. My fridge is empty. lol. I only have 5 miller light beers in there and bad milk..I need to go buy some groceries bad!!
    15. jedimiller
      Mornin REDDY!! WAS CRACKIN??
    16. Avner Stein
      Avner Stein
      i see. how easily are users banned? i see some members have "banned" under their avatar yet continue to post. why is this?
    17. Avner Stein
      Avner Stein
      my bad, ive just had personal experience with religious violence so when i hear leftist-rationalizations it creates sparks. :D

      i will send an apology.
    18. catalinacat
      Thanks - but where are you? I've never seen such callous ugliness posted here as I've seen today re: the terrorist act in Ft. Hood.
    19. flounder
      Keep a lid on it,,,you wanna get shot???

    20. HillBilly
      REDRUM , thank you for your kind words... Yes , Flounder and I are very close friends. He and I became friends on BuzzDash... Daisydotell is a good friend as well... Flounder is a fine man , one of the very best..and I'm proud that he is my friend on PF... :strong:

      Flounder and I have agreed and disagreed on many issues , no doubt we will be the same way , and that's ok.... : )

      You can cuss me , love me , even break a brick over my head , friends are allowed...: )

      Others that try to break a brick over my head soon find that I have a sledge hammer , and I know how to use it... Haw Haw Haw ... :chainsaw:

      Flounder says you're ok , that's good enough for me...:handshake:
    21. Falena
      Hey no kidding that's a great sound! I have that bomb song stuck in my head now. You really do have some great taste in music, Hunee!
    22. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Hey thanks for stopping by and the kind words my friend. Please feel free to weigh in with comments when you visit - let's people know that other people are reading my stuff. BTW - new post today on my wealth building series.

      P.S. I owe you a couple of reps, tried to but have to "spread it around". I'm wicked busy today, but tomorrow I'll be in my home office. I'll try to get caught up then... ;)
    23. catalinacat
      Many thanks to you as well friend!
    24. flounder
      Hey shoey,,,It happened to all of us, we could not shake it. Just hold on Pal, you'll feel better, everything is fine here.
      No action on the front,,,,,hahahahahahahah
    25. changed
      That was cute! How ya doing????Need some flawrs?
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