Sep 24, 2008
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    1. Kazikli Bey
      Kazikli Bey
      Hey Reiver, i was wondering, i am quite a bit of a Keynesianist in my outlook (i generally get that as a result for economic tests). What good Keynesian texts would you recommend?
    2. Dejarik
      The purpose wouldn't be so much to have a purely rational debate as to prove that their best representative (Rebellion, perhaps) is obviously in error. You could prove the same for others if they were willing.
    3. Dejarik
      These anti-socialists will not admit defeat even when revealing their flagrant ignorance of the most basic elements of political economy. You're Scucca, aren't you? Why don't you challenge one of them (or more, theoretically) to a one-on-one debate on DebatePolitics so that a definitive victor can be declared?
    4. Dejarik
      Before I saw some of the statements made on this forum, I had hoped that even a free market utopianist couldn't reject the reality of asymmetric information. Evidently, I was mistaken. :(
    5. Dejarik
      Yes, the formal and informal labor markets. I'm sorry if using the terms synonymously caused confusion; it's an unfortunate habit.
    6. Dejarik
      Do you regard black markets as necessary to analyze in dual labor market theory, and do you hold it correct that restricting access to the primary labor market (even if that would be a sweatshop) would force access into the secondary labor market? (Which might be something more odious, such as prostitution, regardless of its legality.)
    7. Dejarik
      Do you hold the analysis of Barone having overextended the usefulness of shadow pricing in his (Pareto efficient, a strike at L. Von Mises's claims of "impossibility") economic model to be accurate, and if so, what can be salvaged from the model, in your view?
    8. Dejarik
      The problem that tends to arise with the written version is that as a consequence of being a transcript of a verbal presentation, it may have tendencies toward oversimplification of matters best not oversimplified. Or so I've found.
    9. Dejarik

      You'll have to watch a series of videos, so you may want to space them out a bit. But I find it an illustrative discussion of the relative merits of market socialism vs. parecon.
    10. Dejarik
      Have you seen the Schweickart/Albert debate?
    11. Dejarik
    12. Dejarik
      In what context do you believe Jen-Jacques Laffont & David Martimort's analysis of "Collusion and Delegation" in the internal organization of the firm might be utilized?
    13. Dejarik
      I've made an attempt to post empirical evidence indicating the superior efficiency of socialism in the "Capitalism vs. Socialism" thread, but considering the anti-socialists' previous failure to understand empirical evidence, I'm unsure how successful that attempt will be.
    14. Dejarik
      Perhaps, but I understand that David Friedman is mostly occupied with playing World of Warcraft these days, so he won't do. Maybe Hoppe is available?
    15. Dejarik
      Thus far, they've done more to validate that than Bowles and Gintis ever did. :lol:
    16. Dejarik
      A shame there are so few informed anti-socialists about. They still haven't addressed the Smeeding data, I see.
    17. KWD
      I'm a bit of a fan, glad you joined
    18. Leviathon
    19. Bosco
      I suppose thats the correct angle to take, though I must say, Im not used to seeing Brits being rascist on forums.
    20. Bosco
      Forgive my mistake on the BBc thread. The amount of British rascists upon this forum is startling.
    21. White Fox
      White Fox
      Tell me, Reiver, if you had to pick one book that you learned more from than any other, what would it be?
    22. Agnapostate
      Really? Scucca? I never liked Scucca, whereas you made valuable contributions. Is this just absurd speculation?
    23. Dr House
      Dr House
      Well blow me down....

      Scucca, is that you?
    24. Agnapostate
    25. Agnapostate
      I have no problem with that. I'm an anarcho-communist and my personal opinion is that Marxists have distorted the legacy of anarcho-communism beyond comprehension. So shall I set up such a thread in the debate forum?
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