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July 2
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Aug 12, 2014
    1. catawba
      What a dummy I am. I posted this earlier on my own profile:
      Yes Tresh, please try not to break any further forums! LOL!
      BTW, speaking of the old forum, there is a Teasea that recently signed up here. I have written to her to see she is the same one. I hope so!!!
    2. catawba
      LOL! Yeah Tresha, I was checking back fairly often to see if it was working yet! I was starting to get that feeling of Deja Vu, if you know what I mean. LOL! :sun:
    3. catawba
      Hey Tresha, Glad we are all back online!
    4. Inferno
      I was like WTF where did she go. MY other computer keep hitting PF every 30 seconds. All of a sudden it come up and I logged in.
    5. Inferno
      welcome back it took you long enough I was the third one here.
    6. catzmeow
      Think it was a mod catching a duplicate post based upon me deleting it and writing, "Premature epostulation."
    7. ObamaSuperStar
      Ha you let me catch you in posts :) where have ya been hiding?
    8. catzmeow
      Don't let the bithes grind you down.
    9. tresha
      My response to a PM:

      Please don't send me PMs regarding this. You made this public, if it's to continue to be discussed, I would prefer it be in the public arena.
      By the way, you can keep saying I've set myself up as some forum lesbian expert and belittling me for that, it won't ever make that statement the truth.
    10. tresha
      And this is the third message I left. (the first one disappeared quite suddenly and I believe it's important that the actual words be seen if they are published publicly.)

      Yes I know you think it's silly. You've made that pretty clear with your comments over there. Never said I was an expert, except in a joking manner. Had you bothered to drop this petty vendetta you have going you could read that for yourself.
      Fascinating to me that you wish to be treated in a manner you refuse to treat me. Love how you keep changing the facts to suit your own needs.
    11. tresha
      This was the second message I left.
      I already saved the message I left. Didn't dictate or tell you not to post anywhere. Asked you to quit trolling. Nice change of the facts though. Saving this message too, btw.
    12. tresha
      Just for fun, these are the messages I sent in the order I sent them.
      This was the first one:
      As far as taking me off ignore, that's completely up to you.
      I would like for you to quit trolling the Quiz a Lesbian thread and making fun of my meager attempts at bringing folks together.
      I would also dearly love it if you would quit assuming I am attacking you simply because I disagree with you; even when a view I hold might resemble that of someone you have a problem with.
      Your behavior toward me the last day and a half or so has been unwarranted, I feel and whether you change that is totally up to you. 10/07/08 approx 853
    13. wind
      If you want me to take you off ignore I will.
    14. Inferno
      If you treat Ostap like he is not there and do not respond to his BS he goes away. It is when he gets response that he continues to up the poats.
    15. ObamaSuperStar
      LOL my wife took away my net privilages early hehehe im back and raising hell as usual!
    16. SpankyTheWhale
      No I haven't. I should move myself to check it out sometime.
    17. Chesby05
      Hey Tresha - did you get my email about Fletcher? I hope it wasn't too long-winded and rambly.... I tend to do that when I'm talking about dogs...
    18. ObamaSuperStar
      Howdie buddy :) Back for another adventerous night in debunking GOP lies?
    19. Inferno
      Yes i did thanks for the heads up. My life is getting back to normal this week.
    20. submarinepainter
    21. submarinepainter
      TJO the Jovial One has a website about his surgery , it was a good read , I disagree with TJO allot but I know he is a brave guy, I PM 'ed him for a link . I'll send if he responds
    22. TheSocialHandGrenade
      Yup, he's a funny one. . he doesn't even post on the religion board :-)

    23. american idiot
      american idiot
      thanx!!...just speakin my mind ya know...that's why i'm here :)
    24. lita456
      Hey Tresha - I wasn't sure if you saw it and I wanted to you to know I was thinking about ya. Go eat some popcorn, and enjoy the debate!
    25. jedimiller
      I dunno, needed more creativity! Too long methinks?
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    July 2
    In my apt
    currently disabled
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    Once again single. GF broke up with m in March....and yeah, I'm (cheesy as this sounds) heart broken.
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    two wonderful dogs
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    us texas
    Texan, 3coughcough9 (39), open lesbian, primarily democrat.

    politics, reading, movies, playing poker, some tv shows, web-surfing


    The will of God will never take me, where the grace of God cannot keep me.

    Yay! Once again accepting PMs!!! {some restrictions apply. Please see fine print for additional details. Supplies may be limited....} :smoking:

    (Please to note: yes, yes I do know that "the" & "they" are in fact different words. Apparently my tablet exercises a mind of it's own at times. Just roll with it please.):wall: