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Feb 18, 2015
Aug 18, 2008
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Feb 18, 2015
    1. Brewskier
      Hey, where'd you go?
    2. Trinnity
      Miss you.......
    3. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Hi dear Wopper, glad you have not forgotten me!
    4. RevAnarchist
      Just cruising thru on a radical sabbatical ....ahhh’ not really things are so slow at the missions I could do a sabbatical here….I ain't kiddin' I ... re a l l y..... m e a n.... r e a l ... s l o w.....

      I need more work...or more money to speed the bean kitchen up....yeah thats it money...anybody got any extra? ...I see you hiding down there Hillbilly! Time for Chrch!

      Cya WS ~
    5. zogtroll
      Thanks for the rep.
    6. B.Larset
      Quick reciprocate +
    7. B.Larset
      I know me to. I was alarmed actually I regard you as AMAZING! I will correct our error Immediately.:mrgreen:
    8. B.Larset
      I never added you? Can I now?
    9. flounder
      GALLUP...........................42* HAHAHAHAAH,,Our boy doing just fine...LOL, come on 39!!
    10. B.Larset
    11. webrockk
      consider it stolen :)
    12. webrockk
      I couldn't rep you WS, but the 'SAT score' comment made me LOL!
    13. flounder
    14. B.Larset
      hahah I love her intro thread go read her profile you will see why its the best intro thread to hit this forum in awhile lol.
    15. liberalminority
      Hey thanks for the job opportunity but it would not be safe for me to work on private property in West Virginia.
    16. liberalminority
      My occupation?

      I was at a government office building yesturday.
    17. Duff
      Nice job on Dan40. Thumbs up.
    18. RevAnarchist
      Nice photograph! I just left the 'Disgusting Australian Troops Mock Afghanis They Are Meant To Help'. I love the Australians but if those members (the usual suspects) are really citizens they are giving that nation a bad rep! Cya and thanks again~
    19. B.Larset
      Congrats on making the rep board!
    20. mikezila
    21. B.Larset
    22. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Hi dear Wopper, thanks for your rep, some too unfair Afro-Australian mods have pushed me away, but I am here and fighting against liberal idiots!
    23. Paladin
      I also meant to say that I like your picture very much
    24. Paladin
      Hullo from down under ........I like the way that you think and we will do our best to remain friends to all Americans
    25. flounder
      Sorry wopper, guess I got it confused when you spoke about growing up, geez it's my memory too :sad:..LOL
      I feel for you, I went through that with my Dad, it was awful. He would not believe his memory was going I had to convince him. One day I said hey Dad sign this and put it in your pocket, he said why?, I said please I will explain later, and write the time on it too. So he did, I waited a half hour then asked him for the note in his pocket,,He said,,,''What note?'' I said the note I had you put in your pocket and sign. He said,,''Your nuts you gave me no note'', I said Dad please look.
      Well he took out the note and looked, he looked at me with saddened blood shot eyes, and said..''Son, am I going crazy?'' I almost started to cry....
      I said No Pop, your just sick, and we are going to get you better...Lets go to the Doctor,,OK?
      Well of course he never got better, he got worse real fast. Died two years later, seems his brain just forgot to tell the heart to keep beating. Toughest times of our life honey, I wish you all the best. We put my Dad in a veterans home, he was getting dangerous with the kids...Death is a part of life, I just lost my best friend a few days ago, he was only 57. The only thing we can hope for is that it's fast...
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