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    1. webrockk
      And risk a citation from Bloomberg's soda police?! surely you're not that much of a hoodlum.
    2. webrockk
      Have fun....don't get too chaffed ;)
    3. webrockk
      Idaho is beautiful....I've been through a number of times during my brief stint as a truck driver years ago.
    4. webrockk
    5. Shangrila
      Love your profile pic....:)
    6. webrockk
      Thanks....I C/P'd it in that thread...(along with my patented brand of snarky commentary)
    7. webrockk
      Hey, Z...I can't remember where you put that thread about the guy who was locked up for expressing his views....I referenced it in the "progressive actress" thread, and wanted to link to it....can you help a swamp man out and link to it in that thread?
    8. NetworkCitizen
      Philosophically speaking, I'm more so a true libertarian through and through. I was raised with high morals and they are still ingrained in me. Ultimately, I believe in non-aggression and that people should be allowed to do what they want as long as they do not infringe on the life, liberty, and property of others. I'd consider the basic definition of Thelemite as one who does not respect the life, liberty or property of others when "doing what thou wilt".

      I do agree with many of their points about religion. I'm still somewhat spiritually bankrupt, still searching, seemingly more lost the more I search.
    9. Dr. Righteous
      Dr. Righteous
      It's hard not to be. The more I learn and think about the way things in this country are, the more depressed I get.
    10. WalterSobchak
      It's ridiculous. Romney and the GOP are pieces of (*)(*)(*)(*). Yet the sheep will all be led to their slaughter because he is not Obama. (*)(*)(*)(*)ing fools.
    11. The XL
      The XL
      Thanks. I'm not going to let a couple of frauds get under my skin anyway. They refuse to debate me on the issues, and continue to make empty posts, which isn't surprising, seeing as how they can't defend Romneys record.
    12. webrockk
      :) perhaps....but the "big picture" that surrounds the progressive left's successful efforts to paint the ENTIRE right wing as evangelical, fundamentalist Christian kooks who want to use government to legislate their morality into a "theocracy"....and how single issue social conservatives are too (*)(*)(*)(*)ing stupid to realize they've become the left's (who enjoy and exploit almost complete national media control over the social issue "culture war") useful idiots.
    13. webrockk
      I've shifted gears since the Akin thing....and you'll notice NO ONE, left or right, wants to acknowledge my exposure of the big picture.
    14. Longshot
      Your reply requires me to do some research. You bought yourself some time. :) I'm hitting the rack, talk to you tomorrow.
    15. Longshot
      Hey Zosiasmom, what are your thoughts on the social contract theory? Here's what someone recently told me: "That is the compact which you implicitly agree to by living in the United States- but you are free to renounce that compact and move anywhere else on the earth that you find more amenable to your choices."
    16. Ronald0
      Sounds exciting. Any big cases? Do we get to see you in the news soon or were you there already?
    17. Ronald0

      How have you been doing? Been really busy at work so not been around much lately. Got the whole of this week off though.
    18. Longshot
      Yes, I do. It used to be America, but that era is long past.
    19. Longshot
      That's not weird. To me Ron Paul is a statist! :)
    20. Longshot
      Thx for accepting my friend request. From what I've seen of your posts, we seem to agree on quite a lot. It's nice to know there's another nut like me out there! :)
    21. webrockk
      I'm wary of South American politics of late....there seems to be a move afoot towards dictatorial, socialist regimes...if memory serves, about 5 countries have succumbed, or are on the brink....not to mention drug cartels vying for contol.

      Me?...I'm lost somewhere in the Caribbean, if opportunity presents.
    22. webrockk
    23. webrockk
      You, as I, understand the fundamental essence of central government responsibilities..which IS NOT becoming allies with different sides of the "culture war" to legislate their respective social views..what you may not understand, is that the state collectivist, command economy, progressive left exploits social issues to divide the nation along "extremist" lines (war on women/gays/abortion/poverty/rich, etc)..it's ALL they have.... and they use political capital gained from these efforts to frog-boil in policies that are purposely harmful to economic freedom...to capitalism..and if social conservatives don't shed efforts to legislate their societal and moral ideals
      and focus SOLELY on the individual rights, liberties, economic freedom, private property train that's rapidly leaving the station..and **** out of the left's social issue wheelhouse, Obama..and other state collectivist, command economy advoctes.. are going to win the war..if they haven't already. Ranting ;)
    24. webrockk
      I knew this Akin thing was going national when I read a thread about his idiocy last night. I've been giving social conservatives hell ever since. (probably losing some friends in the process) God, I'm pissed at how stupid and shortsighted they are with trying to win any culture war with the left....The right says "it's the economy, stupid"...but plays right into the left's "social issue" wedge machine every time! idiots!
    25. webrockk
      I suspect PMs. pleads case via PMing the receptive.
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